Zim-Zimmer Frame

Watching my 19 year old sister getting ready for a night out a few weeks back, made me feel like a prehistoric being (Recluso-zimmer-saurus!!) . She has had this affect on me of late. It started last July when I won tickets to see Beyonce perform the day after her Glastonbury spectacular! The ‘warm up’ DJ played a selection of songs I wasn’t familiar with (at all!).. and there the reality set in: 90% of the room, including little sis, were teeny boppers, going hard, whilst I was conserving my energy for the main act!

The boppers were ‘getting low’ and screaming the lyrics to Kanye’s ‘turn off the lights’, I was thinking about my bed and turning off my  light post whittards tiramisu hot chocolate!  They moved with gusto and passion. I could only manage the awkward grandpa shuffle, too exhausted (from work, cooking, and generally being a wife!) to do anything else.

Then there are issues of fashion.. I have heard that awful phrase ‘you’re not going out in that, are you?’ only ONCE in my life, my dad took offence to the length of a pair of shorts I had chosen.. in summer.. aged 23!  They weren’t even that short!! I ran out the door with the bestie, *Lot style, didn’t look back..  didn’t even acknowledge the question!

 I found myself echoing those same words, sat on little sis’s bed.. gobsmacked when she informed me the jumper I thought she was going to pair with a heel length maxi, was actually a dress she hadn’t pulled down properly. Whats happening to me????

 I was her designated taxi driver for the evening, picking up her other friends en route to their soiree, once again speechless when I discovered NONE of the girls were taking a coat, on one of the coldest days of the year!   I really am getting older!!

Hold on I’m 29 not 79!! Maybe its  the fact that I haven’t had a soiree to attend in a while, and I mean a while. There are random do’s, work do’s, birthdays and after parties, but living  outside of the City means getting back home is an event itself..(though this could very well change..)  Christmas and New year came and went,  even the bright lights and wonderment of NYC didn’t compare to the bar my Aunt and Uncle have in their basement- yes! A full working bar.. why would I turn down a 2 minute walk down the stairs, to ride the subway; ridden with vagabonds and unsavouries past midnight.. actually in all honesty often past midday!  Between 2010-2012 I can count the number of nights out I’ve had on 2 fingers. By nights out I mean the whole shabang..  Bar/club/party  spending 2 hours picking out an outfit, another 2 hours getting ready.. dancing until you can dance no more! So I’ve decided, as well as the trips, challenges and  goals on my list to complete before I hit 30, I will take inspiration from Mr  J Carrey’s 2008 role, and whilst still enjoying my hot chocolate, will  start saying ‘yes’ more: to events that don’t solely involve exercise, a good meal or someone else’s sofa!!

*The  full escapades of Lot can be found in Genesis 19! A fantastic read!

Time to get out more when you start dressing the same without planning

Last weekend, I said YES! to Elisia’s birthday party: danced until my legs ached..and still made it to church on Sunday Morning!

Miss Selfridges :£3 Leather shorts or.. (cheaper than an M&S sarnie!)

..Print dress.

The Birthday girl and her other half Jordan

Two loos side by side- for girls that go together! - does this happen often??!!!

Credit: Who knows

Credit: Erm..

The way to a girls heart: 'You get a cup this big.. and fill it with Whittards mate..'

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