Wham, bam, thank you Sam!


So picture the scene:  I have an event to go to… I’m getting ready..  I reach for a make up brush but forget they have all been washed and are sopping wet

I learnt the hard way that trying to apply blusher with a cotton bud doesn’t work… there are no similarities or comparisons- It.Simply.Does.Not.Work!

Cue me making my way to the event in the hope of buying some brushes on the way… and God bless Boots for saving the day. If you haven’t heard of make up guru sisters  Pixi Woo firstly where on earth have you been???!! Secondly (after beating you for not knowing who they are) It’s ok.. (and I’m sorry!) I’ve popped a video below so you can check them out!

The older half of the Pixi Woo duo- Sam, has developed a range of make up brushes that I already absolutely adore. I was brushless wandering the streets of London in desperation, because I was to cheap to spend £60 on a couple of brushes from various  make up stores in Covent Garden, yet too snobby to to hand over a fiver for crappy brushes I found in pharmacies along the way.

People, I can testify that I truly found love in a hopeless place!! For just £21.99 the deal was sealed  whilst holding my breath in a grim public toilet. It was love at first stroke.  I bought the core collection,  which comes with four brushes. A detailer brush perfect for concealing or for use with lipsticks.  A pointed foundation brush which I personally love because when used with liquid foundation, it glides effortlessly on those hard to cover areas on the face e.g around the nose.  The kit also contains a buffing brush which hasn’t left my side for two weeks and also a contour brush, for highlighting and defining in a way that isn’t too harsh. The brushes are soft, strong and sturdy- if you’ve read about my battle with brushes, you’ll appreciate my absolute delight at not having stray hairs on my chin! I honestly have no idea how I survived so long without them- and I intend to get the full range!

Added bonus.. the real techniques carry case also doubles as a make up stand for additional kudos, handy for people like me who are a little OCD about where my brush heads are placed!


Real Techniques Core Collection Kit:




I am quite kamikaze with my make up- I slap it all on and then neaten it up afterwards with brushes. The pointed foundation brush is perfect for this!


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