We heart Olive Headbands

Olive Headbands

Wedding season is upon us… 

Wedding season is here! We’ve attended two amazing weddings back to back and beautiful, bespoke headbands from Olive Headbands  made dressing Miss Gray even more of a pleasure.

I love the fact that these hand made bands are skillfully and lovingly made by a friend who is not only passionate about each product design, but is dedicated to giving 10 % of each product sold to Life Support Charity.

Baby Gray was introduced to the world of OHB  (Olive Headbands) at just three days old, for some of the first pictures we sent  friends and family announcing her arrival-we haven’t looked back. Lots of the headbands I’d seen for children/babies previously were either too garish or a little ‘samey'; OHB  names and creates the majority bands from personal inspiration, meaning each band tells it’s own story, cue lots of parents/guardians asking me where they are from.. well my people with daughters,  the ‘secret’ is out..



Three days old


#11weeks : A common baby girl dilemma: Too short to tie up,  too long to leave unruly for posh do’s mean  headbands are a perfect accessory.

Not just for posh do's - perfect for everyday!

Not just for occasions – we find them perfect for every day!


I don’t use anything in Baby G’s hair that ‘catches’. Many clips with ‘teeth’ or ridges, cause pain or damage- especially if the little princess in question can pull them out herself.


Gorgeous details add a hint of ‘baby glam’  I’ve not seen anywhere else.


I was thrilled with one of my custom orders.. 1. A black band to blend in with Miss Gray’s hair, so just the details showed. 2. Without even seeing the dress or knowing it had some lace on it ( I only asked for something yellow) company founder and designer Colette miraculously  made a band that matched the outfit perfectly!!


Having more than one accessory option gave more wear out of the dress..


For the second wedding of the year, this lace dress needed a headband that was unfussy  but bold.


White dress + a cropped mint cardigan  + Olive Headband = The perfect match!


Mother and daughter sets also available! Which bands shall we wear tomorrow?


Baby G channeling festival chic


 Currently BUY 1, GET 1 HALF PRICE! SALE ENDS: 22nd AUGUST 9pm GMT

Stay connected with all things Olive Headbands, by following on Instagram! A Olive Headbands headsup.. The winter collections are going to be beyond fabulous!!

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