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 We almost fell off our chairs when we heard one of our favourite restaurants was opening it’s first Bar concept in London. Set in the newest branch of the chain, along with all the dishes we know and love, Wagamama (W6) Hammersmith will now be serving cocktails in a sleek bar area unique to West London!

Mr G and I were invited to try the selection that has been designed to complement the existing Japanese-inspired menu. It’s official, the Wagamamas dining experience has just got even better!

I loved the exotic mix of fruit used to make cocktails such as the ginger lychee martini (totes the Gray favourite!) and couldn’t believe how well the new takes on old cocktail classics were executed. Totally refreshing – literally.

It’s not just the new bar concept that is sure to pull in the crowds, looking out onto W6’s outdoor dining area you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d left Hammersmith and had been transported to a sleek & stylish establishment in the heart of the Tokyo metropolis.

Fancy pre-dinner drinks with the girls, an after-work soiree or a cocktail after date night? The new Hammersmith branch is the perfect venue for those who want to take advantage of the reasonably priced cocktails (£5.95) in a relaxed setting, all without having to purchase from the food menu if you don’t want to, although I dare you to resist!

cocktails time

Pre-dinner we hung out at the bar, where cocktails (like the food) are made from the FRESHEST of ingredients!

Wagas back terrace two

The outdoor area. Tables and areas at W6 can be booked in advance for parties of more than 6 people. As well as a large dining space indoors , W6 also boasts a chic conservatory where customers can also eat.


There honestly wasn’t a cocktail I didn’t like- the care and attention to flavour only added to the enjoyment.

Cocktail menu

Two virgin cocktails are also available for those who can’t have alcohol.


The Ginger lychee martini is one of THE most refreshing cocktails I’ve ever tasted-   so it’s no surprise it was our most ordered  cocktail of the evening- perfect accompaniment for al fresco summer dining!  Plus I have to add the W6 staff were knowledgeable about each cocktail and also generally lovely.


As well as my obligatory ebi Katsu and chilli squid, I indulged in the new (and totally scrumptious) Chicken Miso salad, topped off with the ginger white chocolate cheesecake…


Weekend Wagas

I cannot think of a better way to spend an evening in Hammersmith.. #W6gamama

Wagamama Hammersmith: 244 Shepherds Bush Road, W6 7NN  (Old Fire Station Building)


Evening courtesy of Kazoo PR

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