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Move over ‘feeling of fresh clean sheets’ – the feeling of luxurious underwear has just overtaken you…

I have to be totally honest. I despise underwear shopping and being married has done nothing to stop my snatch and grabs from Primark. The last time I actually indulged in really nice underwear, was three years ago  (pre-wedding), which thinking about it is actually quite shocking!

Sizes vary from shop to shop, staff in lingerie departments are often insincere and impatient, leaving me frustrated, seeking solace in one of the only stores that has a good enough selection of styles that not only fit pretty well but don’t break the bank. Thank goodness for good old Primarni!  However, if you are familiar with the saying, ‘buy cheap, buy twice‘  you can understand my quarterly quandary.  In a bid to stop wasting money on regular replacements I started hunting for quality products that offered both comfort AND style. Did I find anything? – Oh yes. I’ve been introduced to somewhere quite wonderful.

Violet’s Knickers is a luxury lingerie and loungewear boutique, complete with a selection of brands to suit every taste and budget. If like me, you are partial to bit of vintage or retro styles, there is something for you. Likewise if you want something a little racier you’ll be hard pressed not to find something that ticks all your boudoir boxes.

The day my delivery arrived I was like a kid in a candy store. The purple wrapping paper and parma violet sweets were a beautiful touch and before I’d even opened the package properly, I felt like I was being looked after. It’s all in the small detail. For me there’s nothing more irritating than straps that dig into your shoulders so one choice from Canadian brand Suite B ensured that comfort was a priority.  There is more to Violet’s Knickers than underwear; from gorgeous silky loungewear and swimwear, my ‘wish list’  doubled in the space of an hours browsing.

Head over to Violets’s blog and you’ll find a sizing guide to help even the most hapless of measurers.

So who is Violet? Well, you’re here now.. stay a little longer and you’ll find out..

Suite B retro underwear

Suite B retro styled underwearvn11

Cute bow and pearl drop detail



Stunning set by Sonata , handmade with beautiful lace and 100% pure silk satin = on the wish list!

Violet’s Knickers on Facebook

Violet’s Knicker‘s Official Website








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