UN-Max your Drag

There was not much point applying foundation in Ghana..  unless I wanted to spend most of my time scaring small children with images of a melting face!  Away from the air conditioning,  even with one of my favourite primers (below), foundation was futile! Of course, for the evening powder was adequate; but it actually felt quite nice to be bare faced for a while. I took pleasure in knowing that the people I spent time with either often wore sunglasses, or were so blinded by the harsh sun beams that both served as a ‘natural cover-up’ for me anyway!!

After many days of not bothering, it seems  I have forgotten how to apply foundation. Heading out to an event last Thursday, I had a mild panic attack, when my finished make-up look was too close to Ru Paul’s to call!! And yes! Although he/she is the official spokesperson of Macs Viva Glam campaign..  it is NOT a compliment: ‘drag queen chic‘ is not a look I want to replicate.

Amusingly, the event I was attending:  ‘Max Your Glam’ had  absolutely nothing to do with beauty advice or products, but after I had slicked on the lipgloss and lipliner..  ‘Max your Drag’ would have been apt. Moments like this made me glad that at the click of a button I could contact Lina (and later Yinka) two FABULOUS beauty bloggers who between them suggested some options to save me from being ushered out of the ladies.. and  into the gents!

Having seen BOTH ladies complexions in the flesh AND witnessing Yinka apply foundation pre event Mrs Gray: ONE takes, their recommendations as gospel and two, HONESTLY thinks Yinka is wasting money buying foundation- her natural skin is scarily flawless!! (Yes Yinka it IS.. I’ve seen it!!)

http://www.makeuptomakeout.co.uk/ – Lina’s Blog

http://www.vexinthecity.com/ – Yinka’s Blog

I’m going to stop now, before I get arrested for stalking, but there is something comforting about getting skin advice from people in the know, who are living proof of certain products working AND are the same age as me.. especially when skin changes so drastically between 20-30..

In an attempt to kill many birds with one stone, I headed promptly to a Space.NK that a stocked ALL their suggestions, particularly focusing on various tinted moisturisers that would banish my ‘inner-man’, but in true Gray fashion got distracted by another product to use in conjunction with less coverage!

It claimed:

100% of users saw a decrease in blemishes in one week

90% experienced luminous, radiant and healthy skin after just one week

to treat hyper-pigmentation and skin discolouration

to reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

The intense acne treatment I experienced a while back cleared up MANY of my skin issues, but texture depending on a range of things is still a  small issue. The Sales Assistant at Space.NK was convinced texture would improve by using Cane +Austin products.

At nearly £50 for just the pot of pads, I wasn’t jumping for joy at the price, especially when I had  just come back from Ghana where the main ingredient in this ‘skin saving’ range can be found on the streets of Accra for less than 10p a bag!! Flip, if I’d known then that sugar cane had the power Dr Austin is claiming, I would’ve happily risked a Customs caution by filling my suitcase with ‘cane contraband!’

I look forward to sharing the results!

I LOVE the staying power of this primer, but pre acne treatment (Skin Games)  used Nars pore refining Primer.

I should have used a side profile picture- but TRUST me the end look was 'draggy'!

Cane + Austin : Could this range be the saviour of my skin??

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