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Summer Boots

A rather chilly weekend in February.. Andy and I leave Surrey just before 8am heading into London for a meeting about a property. Choosing not to pay £20 for a nearby car park on arrival, we parked fifteen minutes away.  It proved to be a totally  euphoric but daunting experience, and although both aware this particular listing was a somewhat unrealistic option – (I firmly  believe all things are possible!) We discarded negativity, and relished the ‘open day ‘ out instead. Spending the best part of the day with some lovely people, and leaving on such a high neither of us could get a word in edge ways as we discussed the days occurrences.

Walking back to the car.. still engaged in conversation, I laughed as we realised we must’ve walked and talked right past it. The location, an unfamiliar part of the City to me, meant the roads all looked the same. Walking back down the road, panic set in. I’m normally an ok navigator (despite losing the car in Westfield Shopping Centre twice!) Puzzled, but 100% positive that I was standing in the correct place- I stared at the gap, feeling to check there wasn’t an invisibility shield Vauxhall forgot to warn us about. Hmmm no shield: NO flipping car!!!

Andrew, cool as a cucumber starts looking at road signs. All seems fine, we didn’t break any parking rules and there is no reason the car should not be there! Andrew: ‘Oh well, it’s been stolen, insurance will cover it, we’ll just get a new one’.  He isn’t phased, we’d both like a new car, but with absolutely nothing wrong with the one in current possession, it wasn’t a justified cost.

I start to feel sick. After a really great day, I can’t understand this cruel twist! I didn’t care about the documents in the car, the iPod, the sat nav and other gadgets shoved in the boot, ironically to deter thieves.. I didn’t even actually care about the car (it’s not technically mine!) NB. Items will always be removed now!

The first thing, I am ashamed, that flowed from my mouth (An expletive in Mr Grays eyes) was :‘What about my boots???!!!!!!’

If looks could kill.. those sadly would have been the last words I uttered..  Andrews stare cut me down to size, I felt as small as the little girl who ran past with her mum, Andrew asked the mother whether the area was a crime hotspot-slightly offended, she told us she had never heard of a car being stolen.  Andrew (still killing me UNsoftly!) dialled 999 to report my stolen boots, the car theft! I paced up and down thinking about yes- my boots.. I’m not even a ‘shoe person’.. as with handbags- not really fussed, as long as they properly fit my size 8 hooves.. but these were special! (Insert whimsical music here..)

**I was sent a style sheet last year by Irregular Choice.. (thank you Josh!) and spent the best part of a week dwelling on my favourites, later  settling for a shoe with a bit of everything.. my  half boot, half shoe, printed sandal-alikes that took me to 6ft2.. (almost tall enough to take on Andrews stare!- he’s 6ft3)

Why??? Why me??  They were gone.. gone to some low-life who wouldn’t even appreciate them, who would probably bin them- or maybe he was tech savvy and business smart, maybe he or she would put them on ebay, and I could buy them back. I shared my thoughts with Mr Gray  (He ‘kindly’ injected some reality to the situation) Darn you Gray!!!  I shed a tear. Oh ok, I admit I didn’t. Mr G got off the phone to the police before the tear had a chance to form. The fuzz declared our car was safe (yay!)  Safely impounded. The callous (no pun intended!) tow company charged us the equivalent of 3 pairs of IC wedges to get it back, on a technicality.. Eeeevil evil scum!!!  Don’t worry people its being appealed (Go Team Gray!) .. and more importantly, the summer boots are safe!!!

My Irregular Choice Spring/Summer favourites:

These SCREAM Spring to me! (adding to basket!) (Andy takes out of basket!)

Nothing says spring/summer like Ice cream (ahem I mean healthy frozen yoghurt!)

These were my back up wedding shoes!!

The light blue style was popular at Fashion week..

Still not hot enough yet..

Love me a bit of Burlap, Love the name and all it stands for :)

Not very summery but I Love the heel

The soles got soul!

Veggie: IC also stocks a range of vegetarian shoes: though most veggies I know, still wear leather!! <a whole other post!!>

Andy's favourite

More veggie shoes.. I wonder if they taste like parsnip?

I had a good prance in these last year and felt like Dorothy!

Closer in colour to the ones I chose

** Size 8 complaint! I don’t do shoes that rub, hurt, cripple or maim! Even though a Size 8 (US 10, Eur 42) Too many  alleged size 8’s are still a bit snug, but 9’s are far to big. IC shoes are generally true to size in peep toe and cloth varieties, but the 9’s in closed toe, leather and other materials are a good fit.

There are MANY styles and some really fun ‘Harajuku-kitsch’style  shoes on the website! There’s even a little something for men! Enjoy!

Credit: by Permission Irregular Choice

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