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It’s something I do religiously at least once a fortnight. I should probably do it once a week.. but I always keep them in their own case away from other bits and bobs in my make up bag that get popped on sinks at events, on the floor or on random window sills! (Everything in my bag gets wiped with anti-bac wipes regularly too, but still!) ┬áThe build up of natural oils from skin, skin particles & old make up, are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.. which (no brainer) is not going to help in the battle for clear skin!

There are some great brush cleaning products on the market- but if like me, you’d rather save money where you can, a little of the face wash you use, or shampoo (which breaks down oils) is just as good! I leave them to soak for a while, before washing them all individually. Just take care not to damage the handles as not all brushes can be submerged! ┬áThen leave to dry naturally on a towel or flannel (to soak up any extra water!) I learnt the hard way that drying with a hairdryer.. though quicker.. isn’t always a good idea!





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