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I was more than touched to be nominated by the multi-talented Naomi Aidoo, who blogs at (Authenic Heart)  to join ‘The Monday Blog Tour’. Writers whose blogs I regularly read, have shared details of their literary and personal journeys, and it’s been lovely seeing people I both admire and respect being nominated during the tour. We’ve all been asked the same four questions, and I have attempted to answer them as best as I can:

What am I working on?

How long have you got?  I am interested in so many things it’s hard for me to remain focused. In January I completed a business plan. After attending several business courses, and with the advice of amazing mentors/ entrepreneurs, I was in the last stages (finding a venue) for an idea that had been in the works for a while, and that would allow me to finally combine all that I love. I was also documenting each stage of the process, to hopefully inspire and encourage others who had ideas to pursue them- because honestly, if I can do it.. anyone can! My blog would’ve taken on a more ‘ serious’ path, enlightening readers on everything from tax information to employment law.. well..that was until after randomly going to a casting, I was given the opportunity  last month to be part of a feature film being shot this year. Filming will last for four months and everything else will be on pause until that is over. The miracles I experienced through the process of starting a business were unreal!  At first things seemed erratic and chaotic, but I believe that everything happens for a reason- If I’m meant to carry on with the business, it will fall into place. A huge part of my life is my faith; it’s no secret that I am a Christian (I’ve helped Mr G to start a church), so whatever happens, whatever I am working on next, I wholeheartedly believe that God will guide me, and I plan to blog about/share more of that relationship and the journey, trusting what I believe is the ultimate truth, as things take root.


How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Without going completely down the  path of self-deprecation, I don’t think it actually is that different. It is essentially a lifestyle blog created by me. There are millions of blogs that have similar tone, written by people whole love the same things as me (who doesn’t like cake, makeup and food?) The only thing that makes it different, is that it is MY view, MY take and nobody else will share the EXACT same experiences and opportunities that I have. However similar in voice, I will always have a unique take on the same product or experience, because of what I value and also based on what’s important to me, Jodi Gray, as an individual.

Why do I write what I do?

I don’t think you ever start a blog believing anyone will read it, so it’s lovely when you find out people do.  For me, my blog is a more positive extension of who I’ve always been.  I have been writing deeply personal journals/diaries since I was 17. I have kept each and every single one of them, archived and boxed, detailing my dreams, hopes, goals, fears, challenges and spiritual journey to present day: they contain more of the mistakes, hurts, the rants, the disappointments …the profound experiences,  so when I started blogging, although I never had a plan or subject in mind, I knew I wanted it to be as different from my journals as possible. My diaries often read like a Dawson’s Creek manuscript, and that’s definitely not what I project on my blog! I do not have a huge amount of experience in any single area but having tried lots of things through temping and curiousity, I do  generally get asked lots of questions and it helps that I am a natural born over-sharer. If I experience or find something amazing, in most cases, I want everyone to experience it too- that combined with a love for all things creative, makes up the essence of my blog! Not very deep, but true.

How does my writing process work?

I don’t particularly have a process, but even before having experience of writing as a profession, it was the same. JUST START. Whether it’s at the beginning, the middle or the end.. getting SOMETHING down is important, and then building around it. You might end up not using any of it as it develops, but it’s important to get something down, a thought, an idea- even one sentence. It’s the method that helped me to complete the hardest parts of my business plan. It often means that things are written ‘backwards’, but as long as a piece gets completed that’s the most important part, and nothing compares to the feeling of actually finishing an article or a blog… or anything!!

To continue this blog tour, I’d like to tag my friend Jolie at: ‘The Gray Matters’ to post her answers to these questions on her blog page next Monday (2nd June ).



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