The Legend of T and me!


 Last weekend I attended a cast & crew screening of The Legend of Tarzan!


It’s been six months since my last post, and between the stress and elation of buying /settling into a new home, celebrating my beautiful girl turning one, a bout of stubborn sinusitis, and time evaluating my role as a working mother- there has been very little time to do anything creative-so I’ve been reflecting on one of the best creative experiences of my life.  The Legend of Tarzan is released this weekend, and although I have mixed feelings about the final product- I am still proud to have been a part of it.

Don’t you remember I told you back in May 2014 I was cast in film??

From the casting in early 2014, acting, dance and singing workshops from April to July and months filming from August through to October, the experience was so surreal, I will never forget it.  I have seen just how a movie is made from start to finish. I learned lines in Congolese, I got to gawp at the likes of Samuel L Jackson and Christophe Waltz and their effortless cool- both on and off set. I got to witness the dedication of  Margot Robbie & Alexander Skarsgard; but even more than that, I have not only made friends, but family. SO many memories, tears and jokes, it was often at times overwhelming; but it is one box ticked on my ever-growing bucket list. I have had the privilege of growing friendships with people I never thought I would click with- let alone work with again and speak to on a regular basis.

The ‘Kuba’ workshops were for us to learn how to be a Congolese family in the 19th century, but what was learned in those months has transcended far beyond the set. The story line we were expecting may differ somewhat from the final edits of the cutting room floor, so if you blink you’ll miss me, but that’s ok, it challenged many of us to be bold and do something we’d never tried before. For some it was a chance to put years of training and dreaming into practice- but for many of us, it was a one-off experience- remembered with great fondness as we seek to pursue other dreams  in the hope of becoming legends in our own personal stories.


I was cast as one of Chief Muviro's wives. (Check out the burial scene)

I was cast as one of Chief Muviro’s wives. (Check out the burial scene)

Hours in hair and make up was actually a lot of fun. We were painted red before each shoot, and scarification marks were applied  and removed EVERY time we shot. Removal, was not as much fun!

Hours in hair and make up was actually a lot of fun. We were painted a reddy brown , and scarification marks were applied and removed EVERY time we shot. Removal, was not as much fun!

At my first costume fitting

At my first costume fitting and on set (left)



Unbeknown to me I was pregnant in the last few weeks of filming, when it was confirmed- I already felt like I had family on set which made the experience even more emotional!



*Title disclaimer- I am aware that the correct grammar should read: The Legend of Tarzan and I.. but it doesn’t have the same ring to it!

 The Tarzan baby is no longer a baby.

The Tarzan Toddler


My ‘Kuba’ baby! She celebrated her 1st birthday with all her baby friends thanks to the amazing mobile soft play from Dancing Cubs which also bouncy castle, ball pit and little tikes cars. Having been on set from two months gestation.. I’m demanding she gets a role if there is a sequel!

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