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Not so dirty Thirty..

‘..But I’m 30 today!’ I protested to the doorman, refusing me entry into the ‘establishment’. ┬áTaking the smallest clutch bag I own may have been a good idea for the earlier birthday dinner, but was not a good choice for the Cocktail bar later. Tiny clutch=no room for ID. Thankfully, Facebook messages and texts served as ‘proof’ , and I avoided the disgrace of being sent home without my complimentary Rasberry Tatankas!!

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Zim-Zimmer Frame

Watching my 19 year old sister getting ready for a night out a few weeks back, made me feel like a prehistoric being (Recluso-zimmer-saurus!!) . She has had this affect on me of late. It started last July when I won tickets to see Beyonce perform the day after her Glastonbury spectacular! The ‘warm up’ DJ played a selection of songs I wasn’t familiar with (at all!).. and there the reality set in: 90% of the room, including little sis, were teeny boppers, going hard, whilst I was conserving my energy for the main act!

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