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Team Murad



Although I don’t particularly like Winter and the effects the cold weather has on the skin (constant movement between dry heat to the extreme cold) I DO like that with less sun, in my opinion, Winter is the perfect time to deal with pigmented skin. I’m not gonna lie, it actually feels good to be on the other side of the skin spectrum, and I feel that months of testing and trying products is worth it when people ask what I use on my once severely acne scarred mug! My inbox is full of  requests for solutions to scarring and so I thought it was the perfect time to share this post.

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Modern Ginzing-A-mins!



In February 2010 I temped with a girl who was absolutely obsessed with Origins facials. She knew I was going through a tough time with my own skin, so during a lunch break she dragged me along to the Origins store in Kingston for an assessment with a complimentary  thirty minute facial..

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Product of the week- Prep + Prime Lip

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the day overhauling my make up bag with a make up artist with serious skills! Not only did he kindly replenish my stocks, with brand new products from his own kit- he introduced me to a senior make up artist at M.A.C HQ who helped me to pick a new foundations (one for summer, one for winter) after ten years of wearing the same one.

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Holiday Skin Saviours


Pure Shea butter (above) is definitely a holiday skin saviour! Normally I am a mosquito magnet, and have really suffered in the past from  the little blighters love for my blood! This time I used the highest concentration of mosquito repellent I could find (50% Deet) and my mother was on hand with Pure Aloe Vera gel straight from a plant in the village, when I did get the odd bite.  Now they have calmed down.. but as so often with darker skins there is slight pigmentation which is going rapidly with the use of pure shea butter from Ghana.

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