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Selah (/ˈsiːlə/; Hebrew: סֶלָה‎, also transliterated as selāh) is a word used seventy-four times in the Hebrew Bible—seventy-one times in the Psalms and three times in Habakkuk. The meaning of the word is not known, though I have listed three out of the various suggested interpretations below…

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Digital Silence

In our first year of marriage, Andrew thought it would be a good idea not to have a TV or the Internet at home. At first I was dubious-had he fallen and hit his head? Had those strange fumes that circulate around Sutton library killed off a few brain cells? MY Andrew, who with buddies, LONG before Facebook  created an online social networking format for their group of friends. Impossible!  I laughed so hard, I strained  muscles- however, not one to back down from a worthy challenge (and wanting to be a good wife!)-Like Our Maker: he said, and it was so!

It was one of  THE best things we have ever done as a couple. Yes, we used the net for work, and watched the occasional football match with family. We even stuck on a couple of dvds on the laptop, always something more meaningful than Eastenders, but for the most part.. there was nothing!

Ultimately, the gain FAR outweighed the loss. What we created in ‘time’ was immeasurable. I was no stranger to ‘digital silence’. Four months before my wedding (and a couple times before that) I deactivated Facebook, (I’m far from an addict!) but doing away with distractions, made time for creativity- and the home-made favours, invitations (Thank you again Rosemary and Libs) , and other things were born!

We stuck it out an entire year from the 29th September 2010- 29th September 2011 (I’m not moving on my Birthday EVER again!) and with another digital silence being organised for  February- I am looking forward to taking part!! But why wait until then.. you can do it anytime!!!

I cannot remember how many times we were asked ”what do you do?”

‘Hmmm  Well: being a newly married couple..  we stared at the floor all evening!

Is that what they wanted to hear?

‘Well it’s a lie!!!’

We made La beautiful flat  a home (how I miss the roof terrace).. we learnt to cook. I bought a guitar- (I’m no Hendrix, but I can now play my favourite songs)   ..we took hundreds of pictures, had dinner parties (Berridge it’s your turn!)  we read together..went for long walks and runs (even in the snow!) We TALKED loads (my brother found this very amusing!) All things couples do anyway… but more intense.. in a good way!

Sounds like mushy  drivel? (oh well)  it’s the truth!

Take away  football, a mans computer games,and his opportunity to conquer virtual worlds (zzz..).. and after the initial state of comatose- <Andrew rocking in a corner, and foaming at the mouth> you’ll find there are actually conversations to be had!! You might even have to shut them up from time to time!

Going green‘ will be so much easier too!! I found I couldn’t sit and watch  TV for more than 5 mins (even  in the background) when we visited friends and family,  to their annoyance  I would switch it off! My sister still gets irritated by this!

Going to bed  at the same  time,  and earlier- not having one person glued to the net or the TV works wonders for any relationship. It’s one of the things I appreciated most.  Much sounder sleep..  I know it’s the reason for the work opportunities that came later ,well prayer had a bigger impact but it  made time for it!

It really does pay to have solid breaks from technology, the amount of other things you get done is unreal: so try it soon- (It’s only 3 days!)  try a weekend if worried about work: just don’t forget to come back to ‘thegrayway’ after you do!!  xx

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We painted lots & shabby chic(ed) everything..

We re created our Wedding Breakfast.. a few times over!!

Al fresco dining on the roof terrace day and night..

Jollof rice.. not quite as good as my mum’s..

We only used posh carrots for guests!

Attempted Tagines..

We baked A LOT!

My E.T hand..

Little Mix

I made banana bread so many times my family won’t eat it now..

Almond cake

Attempting previously saved come dine with me recipes

Part II of  ‘Go green’  up  next…

Andrew has since wiped the foam of his mouth, and got busy with other things:

Candy Shop (shameless plug)