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Oil be buying more


A couple of months ago I met up with an old school friend. She looked fabulous, and always does, but it was her mum who shocked me the most. Over ten years had passed since I’d last seen her  mother and she looked  the same, if not better than all those years ago. Want to know her secret? Well oil tell you..

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Product of the week- Anything by Palmers!

As the daughter of a Ghanaian man, you would think I grew up loving all things cocoa! And you’d be right.. well edible things anyway!! Until a couple of years ago I could not STAND the smell of cocoa butter! Maybe it was the fact it was foisted upon me as a small child, and often meant my primary school friends were confused about the smell of chocolate when I was near… ‘Is it because you’re brown..?’ they enquired:  ‘No! It’s because my father insists on me smelling like a bar of Kingsbite, and looking like I’ve been dipped in motor grease..’  <silence>

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