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Hello Spring!


Until the cool breeze made my eyes water and the skies opened, pelting us with hailstones on Sunday afternoon, I , like so many others had put away my winter coats, and was having a dalliance with denim jackets and cardis.

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Pre pay day POLLS


Hmmm I’m not sure about the ‘inspiring’ or ‘wise’, I’ve made a fair few bad choices in my time, but I’ll happily take the rest!

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VSM.. Vertical Striped Monochrome.. more slimming &  flattering than horizontal stripes, and currently taking over the Great British High Street. A timeless wardrobe piece, and an item I have literally fallen fashion victim to!

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Rain on my Parade?


May was pretty much a washout, and with June set to be not much better, I am sorely disappointed with this poor excuse for a British Summer! Least not because for the first time, I’ve actually put some thought into my summer wardrobe, and moved on from the permanent ‘Vest top & Jeans’ look of my youth. I would seriously spend 6 weeks of the year in practically the same outfit.

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