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A L’il Liverpool

 Liverpool is stunning! Not what I was expecting at all. Beautiful architecture and many free museums and exhibitions ( Titanic). It’s fabulous for shopping (Liverpool ONE= the best shopping centre) and Mathew Street is home to loads of  cafes and boutiques including the famous Cricket Boutique. The tourist attractions (including Beatles tours, Docks and the Liverpool Eye)  are  ALL within walking distance from each other. A ‘South Bank’ style restaurant haven that rivals London’s is the setting for exotic eateries including ‘The Beach'; a sandy, decked bandstand complete with Cocktails for Adults and luxurious sandpit/pool for kids. The good weather meant we enjoyed every meal al fresco, and although led to believe Liverpool City  is expensive, its FAR cheaper than London meaning we could stay right in the heart of the City in a decent hotel for around £60 a night.

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