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Pimp your Playlist


If today you went for a run, put in some time  at the gym, or followed a workout  in front of the TV/computer screen- hurrah! Give yourself a huuuuuuge pat on the back!! (If you squeezed your glutes a couple of times whilst queuing for lunch you deserve a pat too, because every little helps!)

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Insane in the membrane

Chatting on the phone to a friend about 30th birthday plans (whilst working my way through a box of Dairy Milk) I started moaning about how I hadn’t had any  time to exercise over the last three weeks, and that I was feeling it. She quickly pointed out that I had spent nearly an hour chatting on the phone with her, and that indeed I did have time.. but chose to spend it chatting and eating dairy milk.. I started laughing.. and choked on a chocolate covered toffee as Mr Gray looked on and did nothing!

“You weren’t in any real danger”.. he laughed, not looking up from his iPad..”Plus, you were still able to carry on the conversation whilst choking..!!”

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