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BHS Bling

As a kid I used to HATE going into BHS! It was one of those stores that made my heart sink at the mere thought of having to trudge through its sombre, lightless departments. The clothes were shapeless and monotonous. The shoppers were generally more interested in the endless rows of towels- and it was no surprise as the ‘array’ of clothes-really-weren’t-that-good! A few of the franchises have since introduced concessions into their branches, meaning now there is the potential to find the odd gem amongst the well known brands like Dorothy Perkins or newer players including ‘Jasmine London’.

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Fashion Peak

..and so it begins..

London Fashion Week, is a ‘trade’ exhibition,  solely open to press and buyers, it runs alongside catwalk showcases, promoting over 100 ‘ready to wear’ and accessories  designers each season. The event itself  boosts the UK’s economy by £20million each year!!

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Mens Day 2011

‘Twas the night before Fashion Week.. but all through the house,

nothing was ironed..

not even a blouse!

New stockings were hung on my clothes rail with care,

then picking out outfits, and tonging my hair.

(Okay I’m stopping there! The original poem had 16 verses, and I’m just not that motivated!)

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