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The Way of Wagamama

Chicken Katsu Curry


It’s taken me about 15 minutes to get going on this post.. every time I get my hands into ‘type mode’, I stop, stare at the screen and get mesmerised by the soft fluffy rice ‘ball’.. I imagine the taste of the crunchy, salty panko breadcrumbs.. and oops.. I’ve done it again..

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Happy Birthday to me!


 It’s my party and I’ll eat the whole cake if I want to!!


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Food for thought

The average brit has a repertoire of 7-10 dishes under their belt, that take on a cyclical nature. I’ve always known this, but reading  a family members article about her relationship with food, reminded me of how people (myself included) can get stuck in a food rut! Lauren (Andrew’s 2nd cousin) is a legend. Travelling the world solo, she has been a real inspiration to the family, taking on new experiences and challenges that most of us only dream of, and in particular conquering her many food phobias!!

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East is a Beast!

*Beast ://: Urban slang relating to something being fantastic or superior.

Saturday morning, I woke Andy with a ‘gentle’ shake, and informed him that we were going  to spend the afternoon at Alternative Fashion Week. He didn’t share my joy. ‘It’ll be fun’ I lied. The truth for him equated to me being forced  to watch an afternoon of ‘match of the day’. ‘Plus we get to hang out with Bobby’ I informed. Bobby, a mutual friend was styling the first of 40 shows.

One eye open, and with tea on his mind, he agreed:  there began the start of a day that turned out to be just a little bit wonderful.

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A friend like Fen

It wasn’t until I had an outdoor space of my own that I started to appreciate the potent power of plants. Our large roof terrace overlooking a well kept garden, was to be the source of discussions and ideas instigated and executed by my friend Fionnuala (Fen).  Fen has impeccable taste. Her home and garden are beautifully decorated, each room enchanting as it is different, an uncluttered host to objects of her extensive travels. It’s impossible to not get garden envy sitting in her sunken decked area, over looking the urban savannah she and her other half have created from scratch..  drinking lemonade (fresh from her lemon tree!) or eating a home cooked meal flavoured with her homegrown herbs..

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Choccy woccy, brew: Ta!

I have spent the last few days in Sneeze-ville. Festering in my own germs, unable to shake off a cold for over three weeks!! I carried on working whilst feeling rough – but this only made it worse! Cooped up in doors, missing castings, and other things; mother and mother-in-laws invitations to go for walks and for lunch were declined until Andrew called me with some VERY important news…

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