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The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013


Great fashion, eclectic food and the coolest music… Nowhere in the Capital exuberates  ‘effortless cool’ like East London.  Over the weekend, lovers of art, fashion and music gathered for a second instalment of ‘The Shoreditch Fashion Show’. #TSFS2013

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London Fashion Week S/S 14


My hearty chuckles at the prospect of an Indian Summer this September were justified as the heavens open and an Indian monsoon  reared it’s ugly head over the opening of London Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014.

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Garden & Garms (Updated)



T-shirts £3-5

 Who wouldn’t want to raid the wardrobe of fashionistas whose bulging  and unworn collections STILL have the tags attached to their designer garms!

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Lace & Tweed


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Zim-Zimmer Frame

Watching my 19 year old sister getting ready for a night out a few weeks back, made me feel like a prehistoric being (Recluso-zimmer-saurus!!) . She has had this affect on me of late. It started last July when I won tickets to see Beyonce perform the day after her Glastonbury spectacular! The ‘warm up’ DJ played a selection of songs I wasn’t familiar with (at all!).. and there the reality set in: 90% of the room, including little sis, were teeny boppers, going hard, whilst I was conserving my energy for the main act!

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