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wagamama Hammesrsmith Front


 We almost fell off our chairs when we heard one of our favourite restaurants was opening it’s first Bar concept in London. Set in the newest branch of the chain, along with all the dishes we know and love, Wagamama (W6) Hammersmith will now be serving cocktails in a sleek bar area unique to West London!

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Gap Trap

Well over eighty percent of the clothes I have bought from charity or second hand shops (not vintage stores) bear the ‘Gap’ label. It wasn’t something I intentionally set out to accomplish, and odd because I never shop in Gap’s many  high street stores. There is  just something about the simple detail (‘oxymoronic’)  of particular pieces that grabs me! I love that with each piece I’ve found, I can stick on flip flips or flats to wear during the day, but can also thrown on a pair of heels and be ready to marry the night in a second.

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