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Prayers, punches & products


‘You look like Rab C. Nesbitt today…’ – I laughed after my husband ushered those words in the not so distant past, but two things went through my mind.. 1. Would he report me for assault and battery if I let rip, and 2. the fact that yes.. months of dehydration, super dry, dull, loose skin and a generally ‘unkempt look’ from not being to eat well or move much months, will kind of do that to a person!

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Long-haul Longevity

Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, Cape Town

Three flight attendants shouting my name, and my face covered with an oxygen mask was not how I envisioned ending the most amazing time in South Africa. As I came round, it became apparent that I had passed out due to dehydration but thank goodness, the wonderful flight staff at Virgin were professional, swift and got me back to myself during the 11 hour flight back from Cape Town. The incident could have been a really messy disaster, but miraculously I escaped unscathed and even the ‘Lets Go’ Lashes, survived my face first collapse onto the plane floor, ¬†and stayed in tact!

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