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Damsel in a Dress

January 2010. Flicking through the mire of TV channels, I landed on ‘Soap star to Opera star’ a programme I had no interest in, until Vanessa White of the Saturdays started singing ‘O ‘something’ bambino carro,’ a stunning Italian operatic piece, but I was more interested in her fabulous dress!   It had been over 3 months since Andrew had proposed and I hadn’t even LOOKED at a dress at this stage, as I was planning on wearing my mums.  I saw Vanessa swishing around in a white ruffly number and something in me went crazy. I was transfixed.  Before the credits ran, I had already emailed the production team, the show stylist and two frantic weeks later, thanks to their help, tracked the designer down (under) in Australia.

Unfortunately the dress was out of stock..I was gutted. I prayed someone would return their dress, or that one would turn up in the Boutiques of the Capital. Harrods had one in size 6, but not eating until the wedding, whilst paying full price for the privilege was not an option! Thirty something emails, endless phone calls and Skype dates lead to nothing. I gave up the chase. It had been intense…

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