Star-Spangled pt.2


It seems like Beyoncé doesn’t just serve as style inspiration for us mere mortals, but other celebrities covet the ever changing hair of Mrs Knowles- Carter too!  In my ‘research’.. I came across too many to expose but one stood out.. for all the wrong reasons!

Now Alexandra Burke is a beautiful girl, and although her latest look is a drastic improvement, on her first attempt. Within the space of days, she has gone from looking like someone who has been inspired, to someone who has literally  cut off the star-spangled singers’  hair and popped it on her own head. I seriously have visions of a bald Beyoncè tied up in the underground bunker of Alexandra’s ‘Bad Boys’ video.. screaming at the heifer for going ‘farmer’ on her, and shearing of her  trademark locks in a jealous rage! In fact, I don’t feel I can go on until its confirmed Beyoncé is alive and well!

Alex.. Alex.. Alex.. (Can I call you Alex?) We know you can sing.. you’re voice is fabulous.. and we know you’re tight with Beyoncé, I personally witnessed the PDA between you in Shepherds Bush..

So Bey yourself.. (geddit)

.. appreciate.. not completely imitate!


Look One




Look Two


Alexandra clearly didn’t get Oscar Wildes memo!


  •  For ‘B’ Inspired  hair.. first pick the right shades to compliment your skin! So important! Platinum blonde is never going to work for me.. so I wouldn’t even try it! Try on wigs and test extensions against your face to find shades that work!
  • Strip off old dye and colour if you need to- I was sceptical about Colour B4 working on Afro hair, but it works well when left on for the maximum amount of time!
  • Lacking in length? Extensions layered from 10-18 inches (depending on preference) will do the trick- but the longer the hair.. the looser the curls (unless permed) due to the weight of hair!
  • I love big barrelled  Babyliss curling tongs, but my friend Chanel recently curled my hair with an Instyler that gave good curls for 3 days. Orginally bought to tame her own mixed race hair, the brush detangles, whilst the barrel polishes and smoothes. Although I find it tricky to use on my own (I burn my fingers!) it definitely gave a sleeker finish than what I’m used to..  so much so I ended up brushing it out!
  •  A dash of Twisted  Sister different strokes Serum adds shine and  gets rid of unwanted frizz (available at Tescos)




twisted sista







Credit: ABCNews

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