Star Spangled pt.1



 Beyoncé: Inauguration Performance


Whether Queen B sang live or lip-synched.. I don’t care. I was more interested in her barnet*  and earrings.. I’ve heard her perform live a few times and we all know she can sing!

 Beyoncé looked and sounded so elegant and flawless, her performance made me wanna grab a hairbrush and release my own ‘inner B’! Sadly Barack and Michelle couldn’t make the show- but my family winced on as I proceeded to look for old recordings  from my ‘girl group’ days  and mimed to my own rendition of Amazing Grace and other  songs, having my own ‘star-spangled’  moment regardless!

 AmazingGrace  (sung with friends Lauren and Debbie!)


*Barnet my American friends = Hair..

Credit: ABCNews

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