Something for Sunday

Hi-ho hi-ho.. it's off to work I go..

Though abnormally restrained when it comes to high street or designer shops, Vintage is my Kryptonite! I seriously go weak at the knees. The thrill of finding something that is handmade, a ‘one off’, but more importantly that has it’s own story- beats the feeling of purchasing conveyor belt clothing any day! Yesterday (Saturday) was no different. I mentioned the Vintage vs Antique fair in ‘Hometown Glory’, so if you missed it this time- you missed out!

I spent the morning scouring the rails of two out of my three favourite  suppliers, in fact, I was so busy chatting about their upcoming photo shoot*, I nearly missed it.  There, tucked in the middle of the rail- was colour so vibrant- it looked out of place amongst the vintage browns, oranges and dark glistening sequins. I grabbed with gusto, what turned out to be a strapless tulle dress, and ran to the ladies, so quickly I tripped under it’s weight (the shame!) Almost as heavy as a wedding dress (without a train).. I guessed the dress may be in the region of £150.. well out of my budget for the day, but that wasn’t going to stop me trying it on…

Fur Jacket - Jasper Conran (Gift from my Mother-in-Law) Hunter boots (£70)

Four ladies.. ‘in the ladies’.. had the amusement  of watching me get 6 layers of tulle, a petticoat  and some netting to behave nicely, as I gingerly stepped into the dress. ‘You’ll need somewhere to wear that now.. lovely’, one piped up. ‘Oh I’m only looking..’ I replied, explaining I was saving, was being good, and mainly came to chat to sellers. ‘It’s only £30..’ another shrieked as she jumped away from the hand dryer to do up my zip, before I had time to insist I was alright (I hope she washed and dried her hands properly!)

Disney Throwback!

Cinderella-esque in its style, definitely not a colour I would normally go for, I was informed the dress had a story.. starting off purple..  made in 6 stages.. (it’s a whole other post! ) I was not going to give up all that material at only £30!!!  Cash in hand (literally- nobody uses card machines at the fair be warned!) I ignored the glares of  the sluggards who had chosen their beds over bargains.. and skipped out with something old, something new.. previously borrowed.. and oh sooo blue!!

Something barrowed..

Looking forward to mixing it up & wearing with cropped cardi's or a cropped leather jacket come summer..

I may even let it make an appearance during fashion week.. if it behaves..

*I will bring you pictures and have giveaways!

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