Skinny Sprinkles

Skinny Sprinkles

Reading an article on how women transform their bodies on average FIVE times a year, I could totally relate as 2012 was the year I experienced this  personally, at least FOUR times!

With reasons ranging from weddings,  reunions, or dates; to a new job and even meeting new boyfriends’ parents, us women are pros at going to great lengths to get into shape and then spending the time between these various events piling it all back on- not the most healthy of habits but who is anyone to judge us, right?

I have been the same size for about two years, choosing to slim down for random events or to get into dresses that fit perfectly when I am at the peak of fitness and health, but become a little snug, when I choose Twix bars over tofu. For the most part I am happy, I eat pretty well, exercise and ENJOY my treats but have recently found it harder to lose my last few pounds- drop a size and STAY that size.

Last year my lovely husband Andrew caught the skin under my armpit in the zipper of a dress I was trying to squeeze into – that was the last straw! I vowed that I would make changes regardless of what people thought- but I would wait until after Christmas.. then after New Year.. then after the snow.. then after the heat wave..

Yes, I know I’m not obese, or even overweight and that REALLY doesn’t matter, it’s a personally preference- not open for discussion with anyone!  Everyone has a size that they feel most comfortable and it irks me when people call you ‘mad’, try to discourage you, ‘feed you up’, raise their eyebrows or think you have an eating disorder JUST because you are slim but want (and are making the effort) to look and feel your best. It’s another blog post-but why do some people feel they have the right to tell you ‘you’re looking a bit thin’, ignoring their own weight issues?? For the many times I’ve had those words uttered to me, can you imagine their faces if  each time I  had replied with ‘well actually  you’re looking a bit fat‘-  I used to stay silent as quips were made, but not any more… I dare you to test me!

Some people e.g Polly Vernon, enjoy being slim/thin, are healthy and don’t have eating disorders- get over it! 

Rant over.

Anywho.. because I was struggling with those last few pounds -I had a gastric band fitted last week! 

The End!







Ok , so I didn’t have a gastric  fitted (I’m not crazy!)  I bet a few eyes popped out of their sockets. You can put them back in now!


For most of us, WHATEVER our size, the availability of fast, cheap food means we overeat.  Somewhere along the line we have lost the ability to stop when we are full, and eat in moderation. Why do we do it to ourselves  when we know those extra calories will only take residence on the parts of the body that are hardest to work on? But still we choose to completely clear our plates and snack when we aren’t hungry. For me it was partly a guilt thing,  even though I have a good appetite, eating when I wasn’t hungry to please other people,  so that they wouldn’t get worried was a big thing – well no more! In the words of Queen B.. I’m a ‘grown woman’ and I can eat OR refuse WHATEVER I want!

In addition I found a (yummy pink) solution to help me on my way!

When the opportunity arose to try a two week supply of Skinny sprinkles, I jumped at the chance, (literally) and I haven’t looked back!

What are Skinny Sprinkles?

Skinny Sprinkles are a weight loss supplement/ snack replacement  taken to reduce the urge to over eat at mealtimes. Simply drink Skinny Sprinkles 15-30 minutes before eating  a meal to curb your appetite.

In a nutshell- If you feel the need to eat 20 donuts- drink a glass of Skinny Sprinkle solution instead!

How does it work?

When you drink the formulation it reaches your stomach and swells on contact with the water in your tummy, giving you a feeling of fullness (satiety).  Made with glucomannan (Konjac)  this magical ingredient absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and forms into a gel like solution. The drink needs to be taken within 5 minutes of mixing.

Why not just have a glass of water before each meal? 

I thought the same at first, BUT Glucomannan absorbs up to 200 times its weight (Science bit) which means the stomach reacts to this gel solution in the same way it would food, delaying gastric emptying, and that’s why it’s better than water!


Do you have to diet?

Obviously having a healthy diet  and working out means you’ll see faster results but at the time of drinking my Skinny sprinkle solution I didn’t diet, at all. Honestly – check my Instagram if you don’t believe me!- You’ll see I  still enjoyed cakes and lush meals out, but because of the feeling of fullness post sprinkles, I ate a lot less.

How does it taste?

Many people complain about the taste of the solution, but if you have ever done any type of low carb diet and are familiar with  strawberry flavoured sugar-free jelly, it tastes exactly the same as that, so to me it’s pretty good.

TheGrayWay verdict

An amazing product that doesn’t infringe on your lifestyle, is easy to carry around, and actually works! Those who know me, know I have a sweet tooth, and cannot go for long periods without good home baking! There are also additional health benefits e.g Skinny sprinkles are gluten free, high in fibre, contain anti-oxidants  and have prebiotic properties! The weight loss was achieved healthily, without having to skip out on social occasions and really does force you to listen to your body.. you simply cannot eat as much when you are already feeling full!



It’s easy peasy! All you need is water, a sachet of skinny sprinkles and a spoon to mix!


Drink straight away for a watery strawberry like drink, or mix further for a ‘smoothie like texture’.


Did it work for me?

 Week One



I hated my arms at the beginning of July – they felt big and masculine




Arms whittling down, smaller shoulders..


 Week Two





Week Three:

I still have the odd skinny sprinkle for maintenance and  after the initial weight loss continue to tone up with the addition of HotYoga,

Do those dresses sitting at the back of my wardrobe fit now?  You bet they do, and it’s all thanks to my ‘gastric band in a gel!’

Skinny Sprinkles Official Website


Taken Sunday 28th July

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