Skin Games

It was only after I got engaged  in October 2009, I decided  tackle my problem skin. For years I was plagued with breakouts, uneven skin tone and blemishes..  nothing seemed to help!

I’d have fluke periods of seemingly smooth skin (helped by good make up!) but it never lasted more than a few months. So with less than a year before the big day, I saw my GP who referred me to a brilliant dermatologist and there began my course of a drug that promised blemish and breakout free skin for life…

The ‘wonder’ drug, however, also promised  extreme darkening, unbearably  dry skin, super sore lips, irritated EYEBALLS, and depression..  ending in possible suicide if not taken correctly and under supervision!

Five weeks in: I remember likening my skin to a burnt prune.

Only a handful of people got to see the metamorphosis: I still remember the gasps, when it was discovered my bare  face resembled markings consistent with acid burns, with just 3 months until the wedding.

Four months in: Lips- red raw and uncomfortable.. the skin was slowly healing and the dose was reduced.. but I went from burn victim- to looking like a politically incorrect doll, with a penchant for jam and marmalade.

NB: I may reveal the pictures if asked!.. or if you’re a follower of the blog!).

Fast forward 18 months or so.. and the wonder drug is still working:-  non existent  pores and balanced skin mean that my new dilemma is how to keep it, as is.

I am currently testing a few products.. (some pictured below) and should have an honest compilation of products that work to share with  you in time for London Fashion Week!

Tried or testing!

9 Responses to “Skin Games”

  • Ceri

    haha totally remember your skin related breakdown a few weeks before the wedding!!! :P

  • Rachel

    Wow! Sounds kind of scary but good! Your skin is amazing!! I’m intrested in how bad your skin actually looked before, any photos?? ;) Also, was it expensive? xx

  • Stephanie

    ‘Shades of Gray’ a refreshing read :-) cannot wait to read more and love the fact you’re not afraid to go there. xx

  • thegrayway

    Oh yes- it was a close one- but the drug proved it’s worth on the day! I’ll definitely upload the pictures-be warned (they aint pretty!) Thank you Steph.. what’s a little acne between friends lol

  • Asha

    I’ve been contemplating “the drug” for a few weeks now. I wish i didn’t have to work and would be ‘sentenced’ to “solitary confinement” for the period. Can’t live a day without my foundation! I salute you for sticking it out girl! xoxo

  • Vanessa

    My darling you are a beautiful person within and that’s all that counts. You always look fab and on your wedding day could match any Monroe. Your a very special lady and loved by all those that count xxxx Your friend xx

  • Zoe

    Jodi. I’ve known you for my whole life (practically) and never once did I think you had bad skin!(well done for the cover up)
    I had such bad acne when I was about 13-14 onwards,the doctors (bless them) just decided to put me on the pill and give me some pills which I took for a good 2 years. Yes they did work,yes I’m still on the pill,however I still find my skin a massive issue!i always have a greasy T zone,and have noticed in the last 6 months that I haven’t had a day without waking up with what used to e clear fresh skin,I often find a new spot every morning and black head galore. No matter what product I use I somehow cannot find anything that works but don’t want to go to the extreme and doctors won’t help. I even find it hard now to find a foundation that I can wear that does t make me look an orange,feels heavy an so in and so forth. Any ideas mrs Gray?!x

    • thegrayway

      I have a few products that I will inbox you! Doctors won’t help unless you are literally COVERED in spots or pustules (white heads that are on the surface) or if its causing depression. I wasn’t depressed, but I WAS covered, and on my back too!

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