Seven weeks in..

Seven weeks and I’ve learnt that I can put both contact lenses in with one hand, whilst pacifying a grisly girly! Seven weeks and I’ve learnt that half eaten dinners, usually consumed with one hand.. does not mean one loses weight post partum- in fact it means you heavily rely on cornetto classico’s  and carbs to get through the day/night…

Seven weeks = two trips to A&E (one trip apparently for nothing) a ride in the ambulance, countless feeds.. three hundred and eighty nappies, nine thousand photos, ten hours just watching her sleep, three hours completely to myself..

ONE beautiful baby that makes everything in the world seem right!


Seven weeks & seven pictures that have defined the last few weeks:

It’s not all coos and smiles:

Bionic Bean

So Baby G gave us a scare with a bad reaction to ‘silent reflux’, but is 100% on the mend! Her cannula wasn’t used and after enjoying the fuss from the nurses, she is back to her cheeky self.  Babies’ digestive systems (reflux, colic etc)  are extremely complicated making this parenting stuff  both unbelievably amazing and scary!


Getting out as much as possible, even in the rain:

Rain Cover

I try to get out every day, even just a walk in the park. I normally use a buggy and try not to keep her in the car seat too long; though the car seat attachment to the buggy frame is great for quick nips to the shops.. My mother in law bought a rain cover for it- another fab pressie that has been used loads in 7 weeks, and not a purchase I would have necessarily thought about!


Joining the NCT and/or meeting up with the ante natal group:


I think I have a pretty awesome ante natal group. Our babies were all born in the same week! We’re waiting for 3 more bubbas to be born- but keeping in touch has been amazing. We email and have a whatsapp group:  Sharing stories, getting advice and having lunch &  adult conversation has been fantastic.


Using the FREE Sure Start centres:


My ante natal classes were held at a local Sure Start centre. These are brilliant, and Baby G and I go to the bumps to babes groups. The centres always have midwives about and are great for stimulating (free) activities for parents with young children! e.g baby massage & sensory activities. They also have drop in clinics for weighing or general baby advice! I’ve not even had my official checks, but have had baby weighed and measured a couple of times.


Saving money where I can:


I bought a hand pump for expressing, which was ok, but when I found out you could hire ELECTRIC pumps (normally £150+)  from the Sure Start centres for just £10- I had to get one. I was reluctant to buy one and find (like many people I know) that it doesn’t suit my needs, doesn’t fit or I don’t end up using it much. This is a brilliant way to have a pump for a month. You only pay for the cost of the brand new & disposable breast funnel and tubes, so essentially the electric part is free to hire. I originally thought you had to share/sterilise parts that lots of people used- but thank goodness, it turns out not! They’re pretty powerful, hospital recommended  and I’m building up a store  of ‘boob juice’ (lol thanks Mrs Y) xx for when I decide to switch to bottles.


Realising the internet is full of good/bad advice:


I have learnt so much about babies in the last 7 weeks it’s unreal, from consultants, friends and the internet. The internet is your friend and foe! It’s great for basic advice, but mind you don’t start mis- diagnosing any medical problems! The BEST tip I have found so far was a seemingly minor one from You Tube: SWADDLE baby to wash his/her hair over the sink. Baby G loves having her hair washed and hasn’t cried once yet. She feels warm and secure being swaddled, and I feel secure knowing soap isn’t getting in her eyes, and her arms and legs aren’t flailing everywhere. I then pop her in the bath and carry on as normal- but this really has saved time and tears!

Don’t wake a sleeping baby:


Unless it’s for appointments.. it’s just not worth the hassle!


and one for luck!


Seven weeks and waking up to this chubby little face every day, makes it all worth it!


Dedicated to Hillary…

Is this short enough for you? xx

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