Rain on my Parade?


May was pretty much a washout, and with June set to be not much better, I am sorely disappointed with this poor excuse for a British Summer! Least not because for the first time, I’ve actually put some thought into my summer wardrobe, and moved on from the permanent ‘Vest top & Jeans’ look of my youth. I would seriously spend 6 weeks of the year in practically the same outfit.

Well I’m not going to let a little wind (and rain) put me off.. I may have to ditch the sunnies for a brolly, and leave the flip flops at the bottom of the wardrobe, but the summer dresses are out, and are staying out. The sheer orange maxi dress purchased in Miss Selfridge WILL be worn this evening-take that wind! Its not quite cold enough for knee high boots, but at least I can call on my trusty ankle boots to keep my feet warm and dry!

As Worn in Ghana

Topshop Suede Ankle Boots

Lace trim Socks Primark

I have my eye on a certain brands cropped jacket but until its reduced in the sales (fingers crossed!) I will borrow the Husbands long leather offering! (Yes Andrew.. I will!!)

Jodi Vs the Wind

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