Bye bye puffy eyes!

Eye eye

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then my peepers have been a little murky of late.

 Exhibit A



Exhibit B


 There are lots of reasons that ‘bags’ taking their residence below the eye. Too much salt in the diet (guilty) lack of sleep (not so guilty) and genes (thanks Grandma) are the main contributors to this seasons most unwanted accessory. Bar surgery or botox there ARE products on the market that deliver results- but it’s a long process to find out what works, and works best for you. Using more pillows to drain fluid, gentle eye massage, drinking plenty of water, and cutting down on carbohydrates is also a good way to reduce puffiness (low carb works well for me) but during the times I am slack and want to over indulge in pasta and rice – I have two rescue plans!

Next to my mushrooms and tomatoes now sit pouches of liquid gold! An elixir so cool, that hmmmm erm, ok it’s mainly cool because it’s been in the fridge but anyway… Bliss eye masks (currently 50% at House of Fraser) popped into the fridge and then placed under the eye area are one of the best solutions I’ve found to combat puffy eyes. Sitting comfortably to the bridge of the nose, they deliver a triple oxygenated boost to the area that hydrates and reduces swelling in 15 minutes. Being secure enough to wear around the house whilst doing other things, is also a major plus- no more lying down, holding on to the pad ‘cucumber style’.

Filorga optim-eyes (available  from M & S) is also a really good product that stimulates the lymph circulation around the  lower eyelids. Retailing from  £38  I would suggest as with most products over £10 getting a sample before finding it doesn’t work for you.






Click for Filorga Home Page



eye see improvement

Major improvement with absolutely NO retouching!




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