Product of the week- Soltan Suncare Cream


For years I’d wondered , why ONE side of my face seemed to be more prone to pigmentation and acne than the other. Not even my dermatologist at the time, could provide an answer. The answer came from watching a documentary ‘Horizons: The truth about looking young’, which highlighted that ‘truck drivers’ and people who spend lots of time in cars (which I did for a period) have considerably more pigmentation or sun damage on one side of their face, due to  the way UVA rays filtered through the  driver window.

It made perfect sense!!  As good as I am with slapping sunscreen on my body, I rarely bothered with high factor Sunscreen on my face as thought the SPF15 in my  base was enough. After watching the results of the programme’s skin trials, I’ve realised its not enough and need to protect my skin properly (even in winter!) if I want to carry on seeing improvements!

I’m really pleased that so many people have fed back  to me that Cane & Austin Products have worked well for them in a short space of time,  but sunscreen is absolutely necessary  in preventing further damage!

I haven’t found many sunscreens that can be used on the face, without a) alcohol or b) thick white formulas, that don’t work well under make up. I’m still looking, but for now I’m using Boots’ Soltan moisturising sun care cream’. It was made specifically for the face, and gives the highest protection against long-term skin damage and pre-mature ageing  caused by the sun.  It doesn’t block pores and glides on easily, leaving no residue. As with other products in the Soltan range, it smells divine and so far looks good under  make-up (even sheer base & tinted moisturiser)  so ticks enough boxes to be my product of the week!

The truth about looking young

(available on BBC iplayer)

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