Product of the week- Prep + Prime Lip

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the day overhauling my make up bag with a make up artist with serious skills! Not only did he kindly replenish my stocks, with brand new products from his own kit- he introduced me to a senior make up artist at M.A.C HQ who helped me to pick a new foundations (one for summer, one for winter) after ten years of wearing the same one.

It was at this consultation I discovered I had a slight sensitivity to Studio Fix foundation and after a couple of weeks of switching to   MAC’s match master and face and body foundation, the fine bumps I had put down to hormones and milia have almost gone!

If it aint broke, don’t fix it.. but if you’re suffering with skin issues, I urge you to not just focus on  skin care products, but to check if your make up is causing some issues (if in doubt see a dermatologist who will be able to discern.) The specialist who treated my  acne, advised me not to spend a lot of money on faces washes, as (duh!) they get washed off , but encouraged me to invest in the products that sit on the skin e.g moisturisers, primers and foundation. I had never even thought of using a lip primer, but after the dryness caused by the acne treatment, was surprised at how well its worked. Enhancing, the longevity and appearance of other lip products, its my product of the week- definitely something I intend to purchase once the one I was given is used up!

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