Prayers, punches & products


‘You look like Rab C. Nesbitt today…’ – I laughed after my husband ushered those words in the not so distant past, but two things went through my mind.. 1. Would he report me for assault and battery if I let rip, and 2. the fact that yes.. months of dehydration, super dry, dull, loose skin and a generally ‘unkempt look’ from not being to eat well or move much months, will kind of do that to a person!

After a bit of research I decided that that six months in prison, away from daughter and pending newborn or community service was unlikely to help on the road to Hyperemesis  recovery, but some boxing lessons, prayer and a few new products might!

This time, bub (sex unknown) is a lot bigger and has doubled in size in just 3 weeks of being able to eat more. It’s been a real struggle being comfortable, breathing and moving but with only a few weeks to go, taking it easy, relaxing and trying to focus on just getting healthy again is taking the focus off  of the not so fun times right now. Although I AM trying my best nutrition is still up and down, there are still a lot of things I am ‘off’ and day to day I still never know what exactly I will be able to enjoy, due to taste buds/hormones are doing their own thing.

As soon as I gained more control over my body- the first thing I wanted to do (after making up for lost time with my toddler pickle) was exercise, and not for any other reason than that I have been so ‘low energy’ and plagued with such extreme fatigue it was recommended I take part in ‘gentle exercise’. Boxing may not be gentle.. and there were a couple of times I thought I might die because the most active thing I’d done in months was shower- but punching away some of the frustration was helpful; definitely the right training for me!
Prior to training my arms and legs felt like lead, I definitely needed  LOTS encouragement (the warm up alone had me wanting to run to the hills.. okay.. it would’ve been more of a slow waddle- but still!)  Christian’s ability to get clients to stay motivated, and be supportive is what kept me going.

Post work outs I have been using ** My trusty ‘dry body brush’ first to slough away dry skin.

Followed by ** Moroccan Rhassoul Body firming clay -The minerals in the mask absorb excess water and oil, allowing the skin to tighten! The bump is getting covered in this every so often, and I love the immediate feeling of tightness, and the fact that bump has been so neglected due to HG, it finally feels like it’s getting some attention, however small (it’s also giving me hope that stretch marks will stay away!)

Then.. **  Radox Feel Fresh- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shower gel- try it once and I dare you not to agree. I am a shower gel junkie, mostly showering twice a day (any excuse to feed my addiction) I have loads of them and try new ones all the time;  after months  of being paranoid about ‘eau de vomit’ this was gentle on my super dehydrated skin, yet strong enough to catch whiffs of it throughout the day.

Lastly **Bio Oil – I’ve said it before – results vary from person to person.. however it is the oil I personally keep going back to! It’ll be a work in progress dealing with the mild pigmentation from having skin like a raisin for the last few months, but it’s all part of the recovery and although not the be all and end all, it’s jolly well necessary for me to feel like me again!




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