Power Shower


 I told my sister sometime last year that if I ever had a baby shower, I  wouldn’t care if guests didn’t bring gifts!

She didn’t believe me, and thought I was crazy.. ‘What’s the point of having a baby shower then..?’ she questioned..

‘Well..’ I mused, trying to be reflective and deep.. ‘For me it would be about spending the day with the women in my life that I love.. people who have been there through ups and downs, who have shared in the pains as well as the good times, ladies who I look up to, and trust to be a positive influence  in my little lady’s life.. oh yeah and family..!’ (Just kidding!!!)

My friend Christian refers to it as a ‘power circle’- friends and family who genuinely have your best interests at heart,  who want to see you progress and do their utmost to be there, despite lifes busyness.

‘Yeah well.. we’re not doing anything for you anyway ‘cos you’re too fussy..’

Conversation ‘deaded’!

So although I was later aware she might organise something little, I went along my business too sick during most of the second trimester to give it a second thought.

I had no idea that has she not only been busy behind the scenes organising a day I will never forget- her and my mother had called in my event planner cousin from the US, who arrived for three days to help put the most loveliest afternoon together. My cousin played a huge part in the planning of my wedding almost 5 years ago, and good number of vintage outfits in my wardrobe were hers first! I’ve watched her business grow into something amazing, and always hoped she’d organise something else for me before she got too busy with bigger clients! True to my request, though there were plenty of gifts ( aawww shucks you guys!!) it wasn’t just about the presents, but the presence of people that mean the world to me. Words cannot express how thankful I am to both of them and everyone who was involved in making it so special. It was overwhelming, emotional and cunning!  You gave me a ‘power shower’.. I loved every moment of it! Same time again in 9 months??


woodland park

So apparently despite now at my most uncomfortable and roundest stage, I was turning up for ‘a maternity photo shoot’.. Pulling up to the hotel it seemed plausible..


My sister told me to look behind the door.. I had no idea what to expect!


I was so shocked  and happy to see my cousin.. :Queue tears : Apparently my dad wanted to tell me, something was happening so I didn’t go into early labour!


A quick whizz round greeting guests who has kept the whole event a secret!


Safe that my waters hadn’t broken with the shock..  and with my friend and midwife on hand..the games could begin!




Just who can spit the dummy the farthest??


The winner takes it all!!


The baby food challenge..


Waiting for ‘baby led weaning’ challenge game to surface.. yah..


Eat that food!


She wins again! Magic touch!


My mumma attempting to guess the size of my baby bump..

Name that mother game

Name that mother game


Who will win the baby bottle challenge..?


Boom! She wins! The first newborn baby I ever held :)

Grandma Gray

Speech from Grandma Gray


The prizes


Favour bags


The very special ladies in my life!


With the other special ladies in my life..

The effort my sister and cousin put in left me speechless..

From the food to the decor, the  effort my sister and cousin put into the day left me speechless..


La Menu


They did me proud- not just afternoon tea, but yummy hot food too!


Lettuce eat!


Even the sandwiches were themed.. #pink


I want to do it all again.. without the bump!


The beautiful baby shower cake..


In my favourite two flavours of course!


Baby Gray got very very spoilt!


A moment of reflection with my fellow bump mate..


Guests unleashed their artistic talents to draw/write inspirational messages on nappies and mini canvases  to myself and Baby Gray..


‘Roses are red, and so is the sea.. I hope in this nappy- there’s only a wee..’    lol


All the tables had tiered nappy centre pieces.. I genuinely think I’m sorted for the next 6 months.. at least!


Baby Shower favours: Booty & bottle Candles, candy and homemade toiletry treats !

Advice for me… and Baby Gray predictions (will keep you posted!)

Advice for me… and Baby Gray predictions: Most think she will be 6lbs and have black hair… one guest thinks she will have blue eyes..  (will keep you posted!)

I haven’t posted every gift but I was genuinely blown away by the generosity, and thoughtfulness of my friends and family. I genuinely loved everything Baby Gray received- and had a lovely surprise of treats just for me.. including a lush spa day I will be using at the first sign of dark circles & sleep deprivation twitches (!!) but here are a couple:

These made my heart melt!

These made my heart melt!


I’m fighting for one of these  not to be Lady Gray’s going home outfit!

She has already done/bought so much but we both thought it was sweet that my mum made the effort to find replicas of dresses I had as a baby! She has already done/bought so much but we both thought it was sweet that my mum made the effort to find replicas of dresses I had as a baby!

She has already done/bought so much but I thought it was sweet that my mum made the effort to find replicas of dresses I had as a baby!


Particularly chuffed with this gift as I’ve had a hard time finding one in stock. My Godson has one- and I’ve heard its one of the best toys/teethers around!


A beautiful bouquet of baby socks.

Thank you Baby Shower

And after all said and done.. all that was left to do.. was say to say ‘Thank you’!!

Dodgy and weaving my calls whilst setting up!

They were dodging and weaving my calls whilst setting up!


How they managed to keep this a secret is a miracle, and totally beyond me!


My mum apparently hid the cake from me in her wardrobe! Not sure if that was the safest place as I have been stealing all her old clothes for maternity dresses hee hee hee!

My sash

My sash

My sash 2

Back of the sash


These two!!


Mignon Reign Events, Baltimore

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