”Andrew has never accepted my help when picking clothes, my only input has been to hassle him to bin items he’s had since his teens,  or  that I deemed unacceptable to thrust upon civilised  society!” – Jodi Gray Feb 23rd 2013

Despite the opening statement, I have only been embarrassed by Mr G’s questionable clothing choices once in seven years. In the first year of dating, he decided to surprise me after work to walk me home. That’s so sweet your thinking, and it was.. but looking like one half of Starsky and Hutch-  was NOT so cool! At a distance, through the frosted glass, I could see the ripped  bell bottom jeans before I even saw him and was mortified.  As my eyes worked my way upwards… praying I had nodded off at my desk, and it was all a nasty dream.. the 70’s disappeared into the early 90’s- a blinged out, white bomber jacket covered in diamonds and dog bones (years later, he later wore the same jacket as part of a Snoop Dog Lion costume) enough said!! To top it off (literally) my little piece of white chocolate was rocking a Jheri curl!*

I’ve bitten my tongue for long enough! Now the ring  is firmly on it! It’s time to take action!! ‘Upgrading’ Andrew is gonna time, and it’s going to be a struggle. I’ve done a little in the last month, but I am only one woman!

People, we may not have Beyoncés millions.. and definitely won’t be popping into an Audemars Piguet store any time soon (!!)  but one of my favourite Beyoncé songs- Upgrade you, has been the title track of the week- who needs  AP when we have the GREAT British high street- let me know if you see any bargains suitable for Mr G this week! Any suggestions will be welcome: Tweet me: @thegrayway  #PimpMyPastor

partner Pastor let me upgrade you
Audemars Piguet you
Switch your neck ties to purple labels
Upgrade you
I can (up), can I (up)
Lemme upgrade you
partner Pastor let me upgrade you
partner Pastor  let me upgrade you
Flip a new page
Introduce you to some new things &
Upgrade you
I can (up),
Can I (up), let me
Upgrade you
(partner Pastor let me upgrade you)

I was sick of seeing Mr G is the same, tired black suit… Now upgraded to a gorgeous grey..

Still holding on to that Jheri Curl fringe


Short and slick or Jheri curl? #PimpMyPastor

What do you think #PimpmyPastor

Beard or no beard? What do you think #PimpMyPastor


Battered Hi tops binned and replaced with these..


Goodbye Snoop Lion!! Bell bottoms replaced with trousers from this decade!


#Jesus or Mohammed?  Lack of enthusiasm= Working progress…



 A pastor is a leader of a Christian congregation  http://www.cityhill.org.uk/

Jheri Curl

Let your soooooul glooooooooo

*The Jheri curl (often spelled Jerry curl or Jeri Curl) is a permed hairstyle that was common and popular in the African Americancommunity especially during the 1970s and 1980s. Invented by the hairdresser Jheri Redding, the Jheri curl gave the wearer a glossy, loosely curled look. It was touted as a “wash and wear” style that was easier to care for than the other popular chemical treatment of the day, the relaxer.  (Thanks Wiki !)

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