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If today you went for a run, put in some time  at the gym, or followed a workout  in front of the TV/computer screen- hurrah! Give yourself a huuuuuuge pat on the back!! (If you squeezed your glutes a couple of times whilst queuing for lunch you deserve a pat too, because every little helps!)

THIS my friends is statistically the week where people start to lose interest in their New Years weight loss  resolutions: They’ve spent the first days of January announcing their weightloss goals to the world, bought new trainers and equipment,  downloaded ‘my fitness pal’ ( I use MFP too!) unleashed new diet plans onto family and friends, taken pictures of ‘the last (fatty, carby, sugary)  supper’  and after weeks of feeling like a Christmas bauble are finally ready to tackle the flab once and for all! The gyms are packed with people full of motivation and gusto, fridges are devoid of banoffee pie and packed with organic  miso soup!


Jodi the human  bauble


Sadly just a measly FOURTEEN days later, darker, colder days make the spirit willing, but the flesh pathetically weak. Lethargy, apathy and laziness set in. MFP tells you to eat more, its’ simple technology unaware that you ARE eating, but 1. can’t be bothered to scan or upload EVERY thing you eat, and 2. are ashamed about the whole cake you ate in one sitting.

The problem? You went in TOO hard! Going from nothing to promising yourself thrice weekly workouts is a big stretch! Slow it down! Once a week is better than nothing.. so PACE yourself.. work up to doing more in your own time! Change it up, whether its classes, or other sport.. if what you tried initially isn’t enjoyable anymore- there are so many other activities to try… and lastly.. PIMP your playlist..

Yup! Its simple: Mix up your playlists regularly!

 Music is scientifically proven to improve your workout.  If your  playlist becomes too predictable- re jig it!

Different upbeat songs = getting up to better speeds for longer = more calories burned!

You don’t even have to buy new songs.. just go through your library and search for artists or songs you’d forgotten about!


Warm up:

A real Hero- Electric Youth & College

Only if for a night- Florence & The Machine

Running Playlist:

Some kinda rush – Booty Luv

Euphoria- Loreen

Beautiful Day- U2

Rhythm is a dancer – snap

Click Fash- Ciara

Hang with me- Robyn

Don’t you worry Child- Swedish House Mafia

We found love- Rihanna

Rush Hour- Jane Wiedlin

On the Floor- Jennifer Lopez

Glad you came- The Wanted

Aboki- Ice Prince

Velvet Elvis- Alex Winston

Pray as u go- Guvna B


Cool Down:

Go- Deliliah

Latch- Disclosure

Party- Beyoncé

Ordinary People- John Legend

At Last- Etta James


One thing remains- Tom Fletcher

Halo – Beyoncé

Angels- The XX

Higher Love- James Vincent Mc Morrow

Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Ray

Ordinary People- John Legend

A thousand years- Christina Perri

The Writer- Ellie Goulding

Time after Time- Cyndi Lauper

Above are some of the tracks from my library I’ve mixed in with others:  but I’m curious to know what other songs YOU use to workout?’

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