At my church we have been looking at perspective. Perspective = a mental view or outlook, and depending on your outlook you can shape your life. We’ve been studying passages about a guy called Paul who was wrongly imprisoned but still had an insanely positive outlook on life, this gave hope to his situation and touched the people around him.

With that in mind, over the last few months I have been forcing myself to change my perspective on situations I don’t have any control over. I am already quite an optimistic person, often called a dreamer and mocked for  believing disasters will turn out for the better (and MOST of the time they do!)  but most of those are in relation to things I have some measure of control over. It is my choice to make things happen for myself or not, I can sit at home and watch the world go by or not.  It’s also my choice to respond to news I don’t particularly like in positive way. As a friend said to me at the beginning of the month, ” can’t change the  situation but you can  always change the way YOU react”.

You can do many things to diffuse negativity e,g not responding  to foolishness straight away or removing yourself from situation all together. Believe me it works! When your focus shifts from the negative, onto the positive it’s less stressful and SO much better for you. You feel liberated. You’re not running away from difficulties, you are simply taking the time to look for the positives in the situation, not fly off the handle and ultimately lengthen your life by not inducing a coronary (It’s scientifically proven!)

Don’t always look for the bad.. look for the good! x

I love this quote from Lao Tzu:

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

It is part of the reason I try as much as humanely possible to think positively.

To Andrew’s horror, about two weeks ago he came home to find our recently renovated bedroom turned into a shrine to positivity. Our bedroom mirrors covered in red lipstick  promoting positive messages, goals and bible verses. The clothes rails updated- plastic ones thrown out and replaced with sleek metal ones, only displaying colourful bright, or fun pieces. His first comment: ‘I feel like the assistant on a badly run fashion shoot’,  now he  loves it!

Maybe I should’ve used ‘post its’ but it looks more ‘artsy’ in Ruby Woo!

So that lovely leisurely walk  I was taking down to the station, before the train decided to appear early, leaving me bolting Usain style to catch it, wasn’t  a travel fail (after all, I made it)  but perhaps it was God’s way of instilling some much needed interval training into my week. The sweat pouring down my face from nerves at a shoot this week was obviously nature’s helpful way of giving me dewy skin  without shimmer powder (the make up artist didn’t have any).

Lastly the fact that my husband broke my favourite black rimmed glasses, was clearly a sign I needed to update my look and get a new pair without him  moaning, and LITERALLY getting new perspective through a better lens .. because well… HE broke them.


I’ve replaced the older thick black rimmed frames, but opted for another ‘back up’ pair, in light brown which I was really surprised to love.


OOTD- Giving Jedward a run for their money



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