OnePiece A/W 13


It’s Friday night, and it’s snowing  100 feet above ground level at the infamous Roof Gardens, Kensington. Was there a freak  snow storm in London last weekend? No.. it was a far cooler affair: The winter-wonderland themed launch party of the Autumn/Winter OnePiece collection!

If you  don’t  know who OnePiece are already- I promise you will soon! With Bieber, Avril Lavigne,  and Kylie Jenner stepping out in OnePiece garms recently, the cool Norwegian brand is set to take over the world with their ‘always on trend’, comfortable A/W ‘chill out’ wear. Fleece lined or lightweight, these pieces are the epitome comfort clothing, while managing to maintain an edge.

It was one(sie) heck of a party; as guests, models and dancers donned OnePiece onesies, playsuits and  accessories to celebrate the launch of the latest collection. With the temperature rapidly dropping in recent weeks, they couldn’t have picked a better time to unveil!

Guest were lavished with OnePiece merchandise, cocktails, a rooftop BBQ, delicious chocs from posh shop Fortum and Mason and treated to fashion shows with various entertainment throughout the night.

Do you remember the crazy SEVEN months of Winter we had last year? Do you?? Uh-huh, like you could forget! Take note people,  if you only buy ONE thing between now and Christmas.. you won’t regret the decision IF that one item is from OnePiece!


Kylie Jenner and friends in OnePiece


I wore a black ‘Original’ OnePiece with frosted nails and silver Jimmy Choo’s to fit the winter wonderland theme!


The roof top ‘blizzard’ meant everything was covered in ‘snow’-I selflessly saved  all the chocolate!


The Onepiece Vodka ice sculpture


The OnePiece Fashion Show delivered a slick and gorgeous preview of what OnePiece fans can expect in the collection- my ultimate favourite was the hooded denim all in one!


The crowd went wild during the dance off!


A couple of the dance group tearing up the stage

Boutique booths

One of the highlights of the party was of course the photo booth.. The only photobooth in the country that takes full length pics!

Boutique Booths was a lot of fun!!!











Another little perk from the party:

(One)Piece out!


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