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A couple of months ago I met up with an old school friend. She looked fabulous, and always does, but it was her mum who shocked me the most. Over ten years had passed since I’d last seen her  mother and she looked  the same, if not better than all those years ago. Want to know her secret? Well oil tell you..


GrayWay Oil staples

Used in beautifying treatments for centuries or ‘neat’ by hard core natural product fans, but feared by us who have previous experienced the woes of adult acne, Oils are often at the centre of most beauty debates but I’m finding that there is really nothing to be scared of after all! In their purest form or mixed with product enhancing ingredients oils REALLY can transform your skin.

As we age, wrinkles suddenly look deeper because the skin’s natural oils decrease. Oils are lipophilic (fat loving)  they pass though the lipid layer of the skin faster, preventing water loss and plumping skin with moisture more effectively. My friends’ mum swore her unwrinkled skin was the result of using face/body oil regularly, and even though half of them she mentioned were well outside of my budget- there are many that 1) don’t come from the pores of a Unicorn in some unnamed galaxy and 2) are are affordable whilst doing a fabulous job of leading the way to great skin.

For glowing but not greasy skin this winter, opt for oils over creams  BUT take time to figure which face oil is right for your skin, starting slowly with just a drop or two. As with most new products I want to try, I find that the best way to do this is to get cost- effective samples.

The temperature is clearly dropping, and with my face taking a bashing from the south westerly winds- As well as using olive oil and other oils stocked in my kitchen cupboard- I’m turning my attention to oil based products that don’t leave me looking like a pile of cigarette ash.

The beautifying oil

Infused with jojoba oil, a blend of essences, including rosemary and bergamot, Aveda’s beautifying oil is my  recommended nightly post shower oil to banish dry, rough skin! I remember over-hearing someone commenting that she hugged someone whose skin felt like sandpaper and that it was so rough, it had grazed her own skin (yuck!)  If that is you- fear not. This oil combined with regularly exfoliating will unleash smooth, gorgeous skin.  I love to shower then smooth the oil over the skin whilst it’s still a little damp. This multi tasking oil can also be used on your scalp. Bye bye dandruff!

Jamaican Mango and Lime Mango Island Oil

 My sister introduced me to this sweet smelling, almost good enough to eat scalp and hair oil! I have to admit at first I was scared to use it, fearing an influx of flying insects from all over the UK to my ‘nectar’ infused hair roots,  though I’m pleased to report an attack hasn’t happened. Yet (!!)  Originally created for dread locks or twists, the perfectly formed nozzle makes the product perfect for track/weave/ extension wearers seeking to get moisture down to the root of the hair, without looking like you’ve been dipped in a deep fat fryer.  It’s perfect, precise application  delivers natural seed oils to  the scalp to nourish ‘thirsty’ hair and promotes hair growth,  but the USP for me is the smell- it’s divine!

Check out my review for Mizani Supreme Oil here:  Mizani Supreme Oil review.

Bio Oil

We love you long time Bio Oil! You smooth out unsightly scars, improve our uneven skin tone- and although results vary from person to person- you are the oil the masses keep going back to!  I love Bio oil for fortnightly ‘home spa’ treatments added to my everyday moisturiser for an intense boost of skin enhancing vitamins A & E!

Lucy Bee’s Virgin Coconut Oil

At first I was put off from buying the product because of the price, but my 500ml jar is STILL going TWO months later and has been used for everything from baking and cooking meals, to taking my make up off at the end of the day and conditioning my hair. It’s an amazing oil with a really SUBTLE taste. Do not be put off thinking that everything you cook will taste of coconut- it really isn’t overpowering, especially when you are mindful about the other ingredients you use, and is one of the few oils that remains a ‘good’ fat once cooked. I also love to massage this oil on my skin -it has amazing hydrating properties! My friends  and I blend it in our smoothies, we’ve heard some people use it as a deodorant or insect repellant, all in all I’m loving finding new ways to incorporate it into my life.

Verdict: If you’re looking to have healthier, younger-looking skin without exposure to chemicals, toxins or harsh treatments, consider adding face or body oils to your skin care routine.



Other great oils, many stocked at Liberty

Other great oils, many stocked at Liberty London

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