Oh baby..

If I had £1 for every time someone asked me when I’m going to start having babies.. I wouldn’t be a millionaire but I’d probably be able to treat quite a few of you to a slap up meal at the famous Golden Arches! I may even be able to shell out for a cheeky dessert!

One lady even had the nerve to ask me if I got married BECAUSE I was expecting.. (stupid cow!) No I flipping well didn’t.. (We waited until marriage!!)

In all honesty we are not ready to give up time together, impromptu outings, ridiculously long lie-ins,  and I am not ready to give up my handbags- NONE of which were made for nappies!! The only bottles coming with me on my journey to 30.. are the ones filled with Glenmorangie, Grey Goose or Gin. Likewise, the only wipes I want to buy right now, are the ones that remove all traces  of an unplanned evening, or a spontaneous date in the capital!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe motherhood is a truly wonderful gift -I’m not saying never. Young and naive at 24 (despite MUCH mocking!!) I had even picked out the little cherubs names,  my now husband quickly vetoed them. Poor Anaiah (An-a-ya) and Judas were cruelly denied an existence, even in imaginary form. ( Feel free to use!!)

That doesn’t mean we don’t get curious about Baby Gray’s (will they love cake and olives? Will they inherit my loathing for tea?  Who will they  most look like? Should we raise them gender neutral?- erm no!!!!!!!!)

To conclude: the time we decide to start trying for a family, our jointly approved potential baby names, like the the birth and naming of a new Mulberry Bag, until the right time, will remain a closely guarded secret!

Baby Harriet. The newest satchel addition to the Mulberry family (£850)

Apart from washable totes, I only own 5 handbags! Four of them I’ve had for over ten years!  3 belonged to my mother first! Those who know me well will have seen them on rotation throughout those years. I won’t spend money on bags to keep up with trends that last 2 minutes. As lovely as they are to look at, the leather used on a Mulberry bag isn’t any different from leather used on vintage or high street makes.. unless Mulberry are breeding a range of super cows, fed solely on Caviar and are  moisturising their hinds and hooves with  Creme de La mer!

Find a bag with good quality leather, and linings, treat it well, and it will last many years:

Epsom’s ‘famous’ Derby Square Sculpture

Raid Mum’s, Aunty’s,  Granny’s  Great Aunties (and maybe some uncles!) wardrobes looking for bags from Ravel, Bally, Russell & Bromley or M&S  (most of these bags NEVER go out of style)

What men were made for!

Old faithful!

If you still want a Mulberry, but don’t want the price tag- go Vintage/Second Hand.. Vintage Rocks (Epsom) has a selection of of Bags on a par with Mulberry- I’m looking forward to having a catch up with owner Lesley Richardson this week, and will bring you all her new purse friendly pieces!

A tiny selection of VR's vintage bags and satchels: Full details on how to purchase to come!

Another  great store for those who live near (or wanna trek) to Surrey is ‘Encore’ in Claygate. They often have Mulberry’s that have been cast away by owners post ‘seasons run’..

The only baby I need right now!

Not quite a bag but: Kenneth Cole iPad/tablet cases only £6 at the moment (House of Fraser)


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