Nov-el Times

Pinch punch first of the month! It’s November, which means the jumpers and coats, come out of hiding, and the foolishness of Halloween Autumn is officially over. Okay, the temperature’s been telling us its been over for a loooong time, but I lived in hope! Now this isn’t a rant about the weather, and as my friend  Pat correctly pointed out on her facebook status last week; it’s much better to live in a country with lots of rain and cold snaps than to experience regular hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes! My thoughts and prayers are with those who are getting over the worst of Hurrican Sandy, and in particular my lovely family who graciously hosted the most fabulous Christmas in NYC last year.

Flip I used the C word.. Sorry!!  Although I am very excited about Christmas 2012, I’ll be good and won’t use it again until December!  Anyways there’s too many things to look forward to before then e.g:

  • Movember – It has begun.. and although I won’t be sporting a tache (thats’s what Veet is for!)  I’ll be in full support of any men doing their bit to raise awareness about mens health.
  • Bonfire night – is also upon us! I absolutely LOVE fireworks and bonfires! I haven’t had a Guy Fawkes night party of my own since 2005, so that’s going to be rectified!
  • The British Fashion Awards are nearly here!! I would be more excited if I had found something to wear… but there’s still hope that I might find something at the best vintage event in Surrey..  yes it’s..
  • Lace and Tweed!!  Back with a vengeance tomorrow, and I cannot wait! The BEST selection of  Vintage attire under one roof!
  • Oh and November also brings that little  matter of my brothers wedding.. again.. haven’t found an outfit,  instead  I have been messing about with different hairstyles. Staying at home recovering from a tummy bug, last week meant I got really bored and started trying different things. My friend Chanel armed with scissors and a playlist full of old school tunes was poised and ready to give me a pixie crop (I really want(ed) a change!) but last minute decided to try some ‘faux cropped’ looks e.g slicked/gelled hair and low buns.. but one of the many experiments was the little creation below. In homage to the 3 lovely guys I met a couple of weeks ago; I’m calling it ‘Challah’ Chic and anyone of Jewish origin will know why ..    just remind me to take it out before Bonfire night: A whole can of Hairspray + flames + sparklers = nuff said!
Be safe, wrap up warm & have a good weekend everyone!
Coat: Zara   Jumper Dress: Urban Outfitters


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