Not so dirty Thirty..

‘..But I’m 30 today!’ I protested to the doorman, refusing me entry into the ‘establishment’.  Taking the smallest clutch bag I own may have been a good idea for the earlier birthday dinner, but was not a good choice for the Cocktail bar later. Tiny clutch=no room for ID. Thankfully, Facebook messages and texts served as ‘proof’ , and I avoided the disgrace of being sent home without my complimentary Rasberry Tatankas!!

I cannot believe its been nearly a whole month since I last posted.. but there has been so much going on; lots of change, crippling paperwork- but ultimately, all good things!

Two weeks ago I hit the ‘dirty’ 30 and although a host of commitments meant I couldn’t have a huge party, I was persuaded to have a small gathering with the option of going away later in the year.

 I would love to tell you that I woke up on September  29th  (Birthday) with a huge sense of  purpose, responsibility and maturity, and that every one of lifes stumbling blocks melted away.. of course.. I was now entering a new chapter, a new decade..

..the truth is, I didn’t feel or act any differently.  I finished my breakfast in bed with a bag of Haribo, whined when my parents gave me an empty card, thought about ways to incorporate a can of ‘silly string’ I have into the evening, wanted a slice of birthday cake  for a midday snack.. and seriously  considered ways to disguise the gap with flowers & foliage,  made inappropriate jokes whilst having a massage at a salon that morning and demanded a happy meal for lunch..

..the child in me lives on, and I knew it would!

 Age is just a number. I was never one of those young people that thinks about where they want to be at landmark birthdays  or got down or depressed at ageing.. far from..I am truly grateful for every year added to my life, have been surprised by the opportunities and castings that have presented themselves recently (despite ticking the new age box).. so rather than counting the lines on my face (Just kidding- Black don’t Crack!!)  I will be counting the blessings all the way!


Not all my nearest and dearest could be there, but I had a fantastic day/evening, laughed lots, ate some seriously tasty michelin starred food & wine; polished  off with a dessert for each decade!

ps Thank you Buttercup Cake Shop!!

Working with/being friends with some fantastic bakers,  made the choice of who to ask to make my cake extremely difficult. Anybody who knows me, knows I am obsessed with cake, and even toyed with the idea of making my own after some tutoring from an amazing pastry chef. Time did not permit, and I omitted offence (I hope!)  by going with the Buttercup Cake Shop who kindly made the cake with literally no notice the day before the scheduled dinner! I have only ever bought cupcakes from Buttercup, so it was a bit of a risk trusting them with a ‘normal’ cake BUT  in terms of large (ish) retailers their cupcakes ARE the best in London, and believe me I’ve tried them all (!!) from Lola’s to Little Venice Cake Company.. they all have something unique; but I go purely by taste, and the ability to (using natural ingredients) stay moist for more than 3 days.. which I can smugly feedback.. it did!

(Credit Emmanuel Photography) who will probably kill me for only using a handful of his 700 pics.. and for not being patient enough to wait for the full lot..

Massive thank you to Petersham Nurseries for opening the venue just for me :)

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