Mum conundrum

Creme de la mum



Fifteen minutes ago- I was absolutely sure of what I was going to get my mum for ‘Mother’s Day!’…

 After years of ‘borrowing’ her skincare products, raiding the ‘top shelf’ of her wardrobe for creams and make up by the likes of Elizabeth Arden, Estée Lauder and Guerlaine, I wanted to treat her. A ridiculously belated apology for all those times she had opened a packet of some cream or perfume, annoyed to find the container half empty. I ‘ever the optimist’ would protest that they were simply ‘half FULL’, whilst she sought out new hiding places for her best products.  Access to a mother’s cosmetic collection  is likened to finding the chalice used at the last supper- The Holy Grail.. wondrous… Any mother of adolescent daughters will know that this is a futile mission. No underwear draw, no shoe, not even the cleaning cupboard is safe when it comes to sniffing out those items we’d spotted in magazines,  and couldn’t afford but desperately wanted.  So I was going to make her up a goody bag with products I had depleted over the years, until she JUST informed me in a conversation nothing to do with Mothers Day, that she had been sorting out her cupboards and hadn’t realised how many products/cosmetics she had been given for Christmas, and wasn’t buying any more cosmetics ‘for a looooong time’ … bummer!  So it’s back to the drawing board..  It’s a mum conundrum, but if anyone else is in the same boat- maybe this might help..

Naff pressies

Do mothers really need another mug telling them how great they are?  (well.. maybe!!) Will she appreciate cleaning products, naff CD’s, socks, bad jewellery or tools?  Probably so stay clear of the above!

Cake Lovers

Who doesn’t like cake?? Why not take ‘yo’ mama’ for afternoon tea- check out last minute deals on Groupon, Wowcher or alternatively make her afternoon tea at home, or buy her a cake inspired gift?


For cosmetic loving Mamas.. There are some great gift sets around, and with many dept stored offering freebies when you buy two or more products.. you can treat her and yourself.. – win!!

Move with mum

Fancy more of an ‘experience’ -take mum for a spa day, out for lunch/dinner. How about a picnic (the weather is set to be lovely tomorrow). Cinema date, for film buff mums?  Not forgetting lots of ‘dessert only’ venues have popped up all over the UK, treat sweet toothed mums to puddings and sweet pies!


If all else fails… you can never go wrong with a good card.. and making her breakfast in bed!


To all the mothers out there, have a fabulous day!







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