Monday, Tuesday, Mensday!

LFW: Adding some Pizzaz with colourful socks

 Yesterday was the last day of Fashion Week, notoriously quieter, given that most fashion houses tend to aim their collections at the ladies. Though the last five years has seen a sharp increase in the number of designers specifically catering for men folk, and many brands have expanded to capitalise on the ‘fashion forward’ man!

I was personally never that interested in Menswear until I had to veto some of Mr Grays outfit choices!! Gold lame, purple spandex, backless nike pumps, awful faded navy blue tracksuits..

He will vehemently deny it, but I have seen my better half* Andrew evolve from ‘style saboteur’, to ‘Mini metro male’ over the last few years.  Mini because he’s not into products (yet!!), or anything over-the-top (no Meels!) also because despite much begging, he refused to have his monobrow waxed for our big day! His brow, like ‘Enriques mole’, sat taunting me through the ceremony.. the last stand against a metro generation.. (and breathe!) Andrew has never accepted my help when picking clothes, my only input has been to hassle him to bin items he’d had since his teens,  or  that I deemed unacceptable to thrust upon civilised  society!


Straightened hair and debatable hats!

oversized, shapeless coat

For me, Topman Design, had to be the favourite of all the Mens Shows. It’s the only collection, I could see ANY man wearing, even the most anti-style! As quirky and interesting as the J.W Anderson collection was, I can’t see many men I know, however ‘metro’ comfortable enough to rock a quilted clutch!


Think he’ll be sticking to the high street!

Good: Andrew in Zara Man

Better: In Topman

I did however LOVE the J.W Anderson  show footwear, and although very tired I began a very  short, but sweet hunt for cool mens shoes!


LFW: A touch of retro

LFW: Schoolboy Chic..

Adding some Pizzaz with colourful socks

LFW: Yes these were sported by a man this week! (Meels- Man heels were big in 2010!)

*to be fair you can’t even see his mono.. and if you can, please explain why you were that close up!!!

** I  still find the abbreviation ‘hubby’ totally cringe-worthy! #and I always will!!!!

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