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In February 2010 I temped with a girl who was absolutely obsessed with Origins facials. She knew I was going through a tough time with my own skin, so during a lunch break she dragged me along to the Origins store in Kingston for an assessment with a complimentary  thirty minute facial..

I’d heard of the brand before then, and had gathered a few random samples* but  never booked a full skin care consultation. It was one of the best things I ever did concerning my skin. Having an expert looking at your skin and assessing what products will work best helped me to save time and money, it was definitely more effective than relying on trial and error. Origins is one of the few brands where you can have a facial in store and many of them are complimentary when you buy certain products.

There are product sets in the range that I had tried which didn’t work for my skin, but after having the correct advice back then, we were able to establish what would be suitable. Four years later, I still use recommended Modern Friction as my ‘splurge’ exfoliating product and I’ve had good results with two newer Origins products that were launched over Summer 2013:


Modern Friction

Smoother, polished and radiant skin is just a blob of Modern Friction away! Described as nature’s natural microdermabrasion , the fine particles of rice work with lemon oil to make skin more luminous. Lemon is a natural lightener, and modern friction was key in evening and brightening my skin tone back to it’s normal complexion by about 5+ shades (!!)  after a particularly strong acne treatment in 2009 left my  skin so unrecognisable,  dry and pigmented that you couldn’t see the difference between my face and hairline or make out my eyebrows towards the end of the course (honestly). Consistent use of the product (two to three times weekly) after the treatments together with regular origins facials removed the ‘melasma like mask’ that had people asking if I was sick. Removing the dead layers allows other products to work deep into the dermis. Though it is one of my favourite facial scrubs, and my skin genuinely feels like it’s had a microdermabrasion treatment – be warned- do not get the product in your eye- the rice and lemon oil are deep cleansing; wonderfully gentle on the skin but really sting if you get the product in your eyes.



Oil free, and packed with skin boosters caffeine and Ginzing, the latest addition to the Origins family not only smells good enough to eat, but delivers that necessary ‘shot of caffeine’ to the skin, without being greasy or heavy. Generally good results have already been experienced by anyone who has tried the Ginzing eye cream, which works to brighten and de-puff tired peepers, and now the clever bods at Origins have created a similar formulation for our faces! Not as thick and creamy as other moisturisers I love, or would recommend for the change in weather but good for warmer days, if you have any breakouts or for when you just want something a little bit lighter



 I have to be honest I haven’t used many night creams as some have made me break out in the past and also because I’m lazy and tended to just use my normal day moisturiser. That changed no only once I hit 30, but after I tried this lusciously rich night cream. Your skin works hard at night to repair the damage inflicted on it during the day; Night-a-mins works using vitamins to remove the dead layers of skin that build up over night to uncover brighter more even- toned skin. It’s taken a lot of work to get to the stage where I am happy to go without foundation, so any products that continue to assist the skin’s natural cycle and boost radiance are keepers.

There are other products I have been using to get down to the deepest layers of pigmentation; combined with the exfoliating properties of Modern Friction,  but I would definitely say that Ginzing and Night-a-mins are in my  top 5  ‘day and night’ cream duo.

Hail the  Modern Ginzing-A-min combo!


 Modern Friction


Post Origins Facial

Post Origins  facial: Completely unretouched, no filters and with no make up




* I am not ashamed to admit a sample junkie and have lots of cheap pots from Primark and Poundland that I take when buying new products- especially foundations because some of the larger stores never seem to have them. Definitely worth buying and keeping for when looking at investing in new skin care products.








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