Long-haul Longevity

Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, Cape Town

Three flight attendants shouting my name, and my face covered with an oxygen mask was not how I envisioned ending the most amazing time in South Africa. As I came round, it became apparent that I had passed out due to dehydration but thank goodness, the wonderful flight staff at Virgin were professional, swift and got me back to myself during the 11 hour flight back from Cape Town. The incident could have been a really messy disaster, but miraculously I escaped unscathed and even the ‘Lets Go’ Lashes, survived my face first collapse onto the plane floor,  and stayed in tact!

Ever since I became a Christian, ‘Yesterday, today and forever’  a song about Gods eternal love has been one of my favourites, and over the last couple of weeks I’ve learnt that that song can also be sung about many beauty products on the market. Joke (!!!) I’m not about to compare Gods omnipresent love to lipsticks and eye shadows, BUT there are definitely a few products I’ve used recently that deserve a shout out for lasting the long haul! This are a list of the products that have seen me through the events of  November and lasted hours (or even days) with minimal fuss and application.

Body Shop Eyeshadows: (In ‘Copper’ and ‘Moonstone’) £10

These freebies in a Fashion Week Goodie Bag have become staples in my make up kit. I found that when used with water as ‘face paint’ the shadows lasted well over 8 hours. At an ‘Out of Africa’ themed dinner party/dance in Sea Point, Cape Town, I wanted my eye make up to match the skirt I was wearing and was surprised when I got home that it hadn’t smudged- even after some high energy dancing! I also regularly use the shadows as highlighters on the brow bone, cheeks and down the middle of my nose for a sheen that shows up really well in photos! A couple of people at my brothers recent wedding asked me what I used on my cheeks- and I happily demonstrated with the lighter shadow (moonstone), how a simple sweep of powder blended in with a medium brush can fake a natural glow ALL day! It wasn’t until I went to buy more, I realised that they were intended to be used wet or dry for long lasting wear. Truly an eye product that does what it says on the tin!

I did my own make up for my brothers wedding on Friday and used on Moonstone on my cheeks and brow bone below:


Red lip/Cheek stain £10:

I have several trustworthy, and long lasting red lippy’s in my collection, worn depending on the shade or my mood, but underneath WHATEVER brand/shade I wear is a body shop lip stain. This ensures that after one application followed by lip liner and colour.. eating, drinking do not interfere with the finished result and your lips stay put for the long haul! The rest of this particular look was finished with Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner (024 Red Diva) and Lasting finish by  Kate Moss for Rimmel in 01



Gel Polish:

 I know Gel manicures and Shellac have been around for years, but I’ve been  slow on the uptake.  It wasn’t until I took part in a Catwalk show this year that Shiny Chip resistant nails for up to 3 weeks came into my life! They can last longer if you’re really careful, and from £15 are a total time saver! I tend to stick with black/red as they tend to go well with everything in my wardrobe.

‘Lets Go’ Lashes:

These set were originally done at the Dante Wellness Spa in Cape Town for £30, there are many salons in the UK (from £60) that offer the ‘long-lasting’ eyelash  extensions that omit the need to apply strip lashes for a minimum of three weeks. There are other brands and salons that offer lashes that last 3 months, but I am yet to find any that give you triple/quadrouple the length of your original lashes ( The ‘Lets Go’ brand does). At first I was worried that they looked TOO long and spidery, but the perks of not applying strip lashes outweigh the initial worry that they were too much. You can shower, sleep and SWIM in them, and I find that the lash extensions mean I wear less make up overall. Another time saver which means over the last couple of weeks.. getting ready for a big do takes a fraction of the time! (It took me less than 5 mins to do my make up for the British Fashion Awards on Tuesday.)

Day & Night Lenses:

Again a product that has been on the market for a while now, but has really changed my life. Until I’m brave enough to even enquire about laser eye surgery, I’m sticking with contacts, and these ones can be worn for 30 days straight. No solution, no soaking and cleaning.. and no random daily lenses finding their way into the strangest places! Popped in before my trip, it was sheer heaven waking up with clear vision, and not having to take solution or a stack of daily lenses with me!

Murine Bright moist eyes:

I do not travel anywhere without this little bottle of magic, that banishes red/yellow tired eyes in an instant. I had literally had one hour between landing from Cape Town to making my way to the Savoy for the BFA’s and apart from eye liner and powder to take away shine, this was the only other product I had time to use. As a contact lens wearer I have tried many eye drops in stores, and this is the one I go back to, time and time again. Its the only one that really whitens my eyes and makes me look awake, when I’m secretly exhausted, although I’m aware it may not be suitable for all.

To conclude:

A couple of pics from Cape Town:

The Trip=  For 8 days I Stayed at The Lawhill Luxury Apartments (V & A Waterfront) to take part in the most EPIC 3 day destination wedding I’ve EVER been to  (Once Upon A Destination), A private estate: Polo matches, fire breathers, live band, two dance floors, A dessert table from Heaven.. amazingly beautiful food, Wine/food tastings, one nightclub visit. Then..the home of Nandos(!!) trips to Franschhoek, beach fronts, Hillsong Church Cape Town, salon/spa treatments and taking in a few of Cape Towns gorgeous sights!

 Excuse the lack of order:

How these made it back in my suitcase without breaking is a miracle!

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  • Leigh

    Beautiful wedding pictures ! looks like an amazing trip the bride is stunning! Glad you made it home in one piece. I shall be looking up that Bodyshop lip stain.

    Thanks for sharing


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