Literally, Baking Mad



The girl who tried cakes from over 20 cake companies before finding my wedding cake – that’s me! The girl who when working from home often bakes and eats cakes for lunch, – guilty, that’s also me (admittedly some are extremely healthy) and that girl who squealed at finding one of the few places in the UK that serves a wonderfully moist trés leches cake (native to Mexico)- yep sorry for those burst eardrums, that was also me!

If  you know me well, you will be well aware of my cake obsession. It probably started age 8 when my mum used to bake the most impressive wedding and party cakes for friends and family, and it hasn’t faded.  It’s pretty much no surprise that yesterday I took a break from the catwalks to indulge in a little cake couture! Earls Court was absolutely heaving, and with good reason; from Betty Crocker to Dr Oetker, there were hundreds of mouth-watering samples from world renowned  baking brands as well as baking tools, cooking utensils and sugar craft on sale at reduced prices.

Interviews, classes and demonstrations by industry experts and TV chefs, complimentary recipe books/cards, dessert tables choc full of sweet treats, and the bakers from this season Great British Bake Off kept the place abuzz with excitement, and to complete the set up were many stalls from high end bakers to newer companies filling out the first floor of the exhibition space.

The smell of hot sugar and butter cream was absolutely  divine, I was  truly in cake heaven, and  had high expectations of the Cake Catwalk, a show case of the baking talent of the British public. Paying tribute to London Fashion Week, bakers from three categories (junior, non-professional & professional) presented cakes based on 100 years of British fashion. The catwalk was mind-blowing, so much so I  stared transfixed at some of the designs, forgetting to breathe. The cake catwalk  was presented by professional baker Elizabeth Solaru, who is an absolute decorating legend. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on a wedding photo shoot, and forget the dresses, her extravagant but delicious cakes totally stole the show! Whether baking is your hobby, profession or passion- you NEED to visit the show bursting with ideas, inspiration and talent once in your lifetime. There was SO much to see, and several  show-stopping baking competitions open to the public  meant that after a few hours at the exhibition, it was only as everything was shutting down I realised I hadn’t taken any pictures, so had to rush round and take a few quick snaps of what was left. Trust me when I say it is a bakers’ paradise and you will not be disappointed if you book your ticket for next year!

















Halloween baking classes with Dr Oetker


Sugar work  for beginners classes




My favourite contestant- and hopefully (praying hard!) soon to be winner of the Great British Bake off!


The Apprentice’s Luisa Zissman


Baking Mad’s Eric Lanlard








The fabulous goodie bag



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