Insane in the membrane

Chatting on the phone to a friend about 30th birthday plans (whilst working my way through a box of Dairy Milk) I started moaning about how I hadn’t had any  time to exercise over the last three weeks, and that I was feeling it. She quickly pointed out that I had spent nearly an hour chatting on the phone with her, and that indeed I did have time.. but chose to spend it chatting and eating dairy milk.. I started laughing.. and choked on a chocolate covered toffee as Mr Gray looked on and did nothing!

“You weren’t in any real danger”.. he laughed, not looking up from his iPad..”Plus, you were still able to carry on the conversation whilst choking..!!”

I couldn’t argue with that! It was true, I was so engrossed in the conversation, choking on a toffee wasn’t going to stop me extracting more info.  ‘You should try the insanity workout’ she continued after I had recovered. ‘You could easily squeeze in 20 mins a day”.. to be honest I hadn’t even heard of it but was intrigued so watched a few mins of a video on you tube.

Then.. last night sat in Shaka Zulu, Camden with a fitness freak friend visiting from Philadelphia, he scoffed as I ordered a dessert ‘You’re not seriously  going to order dessert, are you?’ I was tempted to point out the hypocrisy, as the two bottles of posh wine he had consumed, definitely had more calories than the fruit platter I was looking at.. but let it slide and browsed the menu as he carried on..

‘You really should watch what you eat now you’re approaching 30..’ – erm its a FRUIT platter I thought, but ignored him, so again he continued.. ‘You should try the insanity workout.. but its for people who are already fit and want to build more muscle and definition, so actually maybe not for you..’  (Flipping cheek! Who says I’m not fit??) This time I didn’t let it slide, he may have been picking up the ‘check’ but my patience had left the building, hand-in hand with his manners! A short, sharp dose of reality had him apologising profusely, before I ordered my fruit platter AND the chefs dessert selection just to make a point! Over ten years of friendship meant that it would never be dwelled upon.. but he knows very well, I hate people telling me what/ or what not to eat with a passion!!

Having  yet another friend mention the workout ‘craze’ in less than 72 hours, I decided to take another look. After doing some research and watching a couple more vids online.. My opinion hasn’t changed- too intense for me, but thought it was worth sharing for anyone who DOES want to  build muscle and burn fat in the comfort of their living room!

Credit: Logo (Insanity Website)

3 Responses to “Insane in the membrane”

  • Abby

    I just tried it with my housemate and it’s not too bad actually! I wish it was longer so it felt more like a proper workout. Thanks for the tip off Jodi!

  • thegrayway

    lol wow you wanted it longer! Maybe I AM just unfit!! nah.. I think I’m just used to the calmness of swimming and pilates and subconsciously don’t want to be hench!!! Would never do it everyday.. having more muscles than Andy would not be funny!

  • Bethany

    Your blog post on insanity CRACKED ME UP! We actually did it in class near the end of term, it WAS insanity. At the end there were 16 twenty-something actors on the floor. And our 60 year old dance professor was ready to start the “ab-portion” of our workout….No one could walk the next day.

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