Hoping for a Home birth *Updated*


Practically every week since I’ve started feeling better – and prior to the heatwave, most of my free time was spent surrounded by water..

Like most of the worlds population, I love it ( I adore being underwater) , and having a little pickle who loves being around water too, has given me more excuses to go to places I might not have been to before. There are so many benefits to being in or around water it’s remarkable.


A growing body of research has found several benefits associated with the wet stuff, including lower stress levels, relief from mild anxiety, pain and depression, improved mental clarity and focus, and better sleep quality- and is the reason I am hoping to have a water birth- at home!

 My last birth was not only quick but was also totally drug free (not even gas & air) – I know there are no guarantees for the same again- two pain free births would be beyond miraculous, so although I’m still praying and believing for it – to  take out the couple of things that marred my  first experience,  being at home makes total sense.

I was sold the moment I chatted with my midwife who went through the advantages, which after not being listened to in my first birthing experience, outweighed the few negatives for me (including- according to the NCT):

Women may plan a home birth because they:

  • have had a previous positive birth experience in hospital, and now feel confident about birth at home,
  • want continuity of care, with a midwife they know attending the birth,
  • dislike being in hospital,
  • are worried about the effect of a hospital environment on their labour,
  • want to keep birth normal and avoid interventions,
  • want to reduce the risk of infection,
  • don’t want to be separated from older children,
  • want more than one birth partner,
  • want to avoid an overnight hospital stay without their partner,
  • hope to use a birth pool  and cannot be sure that this will be possible in hospital,
  • want privacy,
  • want to feel more in control, or
  • have had a previous negative experience in hospital, and don’t want to repeat this.

Of course again there are no guarantees- and I could still be transferred to hospital for a number of reasons- the birth could also be as quick as last time, leaving me no time to get into the pool-but once I was assessed and I got the first delivery of home birth equipment- I started to feel excited about the whole potential experience, especially at how the whole environment will be set up the way that I want (Jo Malone candles, soft music, my own snacks etc). If all goes to plan there would be no midwives telling me I am not in established labour, despite my body knowing better and proving them wrong! I will potentially be in control and the midwives will be (self confessed) guests in my home.  Who knows what will happen on the day/night.. babies have a funny way of coming how and when they want: so I’m hopeful- my mind is open, at the end of the day as long as baby arrives safely; ultimately that’s all that matters. I’ll keep you posted!



Just a bit of the home birth kit including, forceps, surgical scissors, LOTS of plastic sheeting, vials, syringes, oxygen masks, lots of sterilisation bits, pads, gloves, cord clamps…


Mooching on the beach in Margate


Lake loving near Hastings..


Stunning in the flesh


Waddling at West Wittering Beach

Lido lovin in South London

Lido lovin in London

Fountain frolics with my little pickle







A healthy Baby Gray no 2 was born at home on July 12th ..  I didn’t quite make it to the birthing pool- but jumped into the bath for about 15 mins before contractions quickened (it was 3 hours from start to finish) Like the first time, there were no medical interventions- and by the time I thought I might need to have gas and air, bubbas head appeared, so that plan went out the window! The jump from toddler to toddler AND newborn has been interesting, so forgive the break whilst I continue to adjust and work on hopefully, new exciting, baby-friendly projects!







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